(PX-716A &) PlexTools Pro hangs (& OS) w TDK 16X DVD+R PrintOn DVD White Matte media

PX-716A TLA #0308 Mfgd. SEP05, f/w upgr to V1.09 (from V1.08) & PlexTools Pro upgr to V2.32a (from V2.20), all new as of 07MAR06.

TDK 16X DVD+R PrintOn DVD White Matte media is, so far, unrecognizable by PlexTools Pro, so, I will post the #‘s stamped into the clear plastic (radiused around the hole) at one of the discs’ centers …
… ‘PAH 6G6JG14004590 4’
FYI - I cannot find reference to TDK MI-99952 (vendor’s # on invoice) or M2-99952 (vendor’s hand-written masking tape label on 25 piece cake box of media) on the web anywhere(?)

This is my first exp w a DVD writer so I may be kinda thick (and long-winded) on the subj. - pls excuse.

PlexTools Pro hangs (and hangs my XP Pro SP2 system) trying to ‘retrieve(ing) information’ about the TDK media. The hang is so severe that no other programs (w the exc of Win Task Manager) can launch and it takes forever to ‘End Task’ PlexTools Pro.

Plextor Tech Support advised me to perform self-test diagnostics.

Using CD-R media branded ‘HP 48X 80 min. 700MB’ (actually ‘CMC Magnetics Co. [type 6] 79:59:73’ per PlexTools Pro > CD/DVD Info - not specifically ‘recommended’ per se, JPG screen shot attached) the drive passed the test. I have replied to Plextor T.S. with my results and my suspicion about the media as the real issue, but, so far no response.

FYI - I am trying to use the PX-716A on an ASUS P3V4X m/b / P3 667MHz CPU (133MHz FSB) w 512MB DIMM SDRAM and 600GB free space on HDDs … I know I’m supposed to be at P4 1.4GHz or better but needed to do some 4.7GB backups and am jumping the gun a bit before I build myself a new PC … soon (he says).

Has anyone here used this media with this drive and / or can anybody spot my real problem from what I have observed thus far? (FYI - I did search ‘PX-716A, TDK, 16X’ and got 7 hits … but nothing truly relevant cropped up)

Here is what I know & do: First off I have just gotten a Plextor 716A, & in the past have used a Plextor 705. I have used the 705 on a PII 500 machine, & then upgraded to a 1.2 GHz machine, all the while it worked fine.
Although they might specify higher system requirements, is because they know that if you don’t have enough resources such as ram & free HDD space (10 gigs) that the system could hang or freez up. It looks like you have plenty of resources.

I have always used Nero for my disc creations & have not made to many coasters. The coasters that I did create have been software related issues, so may I suggest that you make sure you have all the updates possible for your OS and your CD / DVD creation software.

I currently have the 716A drive in a PIII 2GHz system using Nero, I tried to use the plextools to figure out an issue with writing text to the drive. Seems that Roxio, Nero, & other software will not reed cd text but can burn them, Plextools can read them fine. I speculate that this drive is fairly new & they might support it in a future update of Nero, although I’m not too concerned any more. I will say that I personally didn’t like the plextools for much other than trouble shooting or analysis. I’m not sure that Plextools works on all drives either.

Now for burning DVD’s I have found a free piece of software called DVD Shrink, that can shrink most movies & other compressed DVD files to fit on a 1.4 g disk & clames it will work with most disc creation software, although I only use Nero. I’m not sure this could help your situation but you could always check into it. DVD Shrink info can be found at dvdshrink.org.
One other thing I just thought of: using Windows XP, I have found that it helps to bring up the ‘Task Manager’ when using a program that uses lots of system resources & have done this on many occasions myself. For some reason it’s like having an adult or expert there to keep all the resources in line. If you’re not sure how to bring it up just press control alt delete keys together, when it comes up just minimize the box. You can also close other programs to free up some system resources.

Hope this helps, Good luck.

Well … notwithstanding what Dr. H had to offer … I’ve still not figured out what is happening with my new Plextor PX-716A …

I now have Verbatim 16X DVD+R media to try (courtesy of Plextor!) and am having the same PlexTools s/w hang as with the TDK 16X DVD+R media … not only that, but, I loaded up Nero CD-DVD Speed 4.50 to try and see if I could ID the media mfgr. and it also hangs when trying to recognize the Verbatim media (at least it behaves and can be quickly 'End Task’ed in Windows Task Manager). I know Verbatim uses media from various sources and the stuff I have is Made in Taiwan, so … I guess it’s possible I have more bad media, however, I’m starting to suspect some other kind of conflict … I have AnyDVD, CloneCD & CloneDVD2 on my system but don’t think they are the culprits because I have disabled AnyDVD and CloneCDTray in msconfig Startup.
Is it possible that my ASUS P3V4X m/b chipset drivers are an issue here?
All appear to be MS XPSP2 versions, except for ‘isapnp.sys’ (MS v5.1.2600.0 [xpclient.010817-1148]) & ‘viaide.sys’ (VIA Tech v1.00.01.01) with no drivers loaded for VIA Tech CPU to PCI bridge or VIA Tech Power Management Controller.
Or, the previously discounted (by Dr. H) theory about inadequate processor speed capability (mine is PIII 667MHz, 133MHz FSB)?
Or, could it be the Plextor doesn’t like being attached to a Promise Technology Inc. Ultra IDE Controller (Promise Ultra66) as a Secondary Master (with no HDDs attached, therefore Promise Ultra66 BIOS not loaded on boot)?

Help please, I am kinda stuck here, and, Plextor, so far, has not given me a solution to the s/w hang(s).

Have you tried something simple like putting a pre-recorded CD into your new drive and using CD-DVD Speed to look at the Disk Info and check Disk Quality?

This would answer some of your questions about the interface, etc. as well as validate the basic operation of the drive.

Get the Plextor off the Promise controller! Promise IDE controllers don’t work correctly with ATAPI devices; the Plextor needs to be connected to the motherboard’s IDE channels!

GadgetBuilder and Two Degrees … thanks for the help … I’ll try both suggestions and get back to this thread … I now suspect, based on the ring of certainty in Two Degrees post, that the Promise controller is my most likely culprit and will give the Plextor the Master position (by itself) on my m/b IDE Secondary connector … thanks again and I will report back …

OK … I think progress is being made … I now have the Plextor as Secondary Master and a Pioneer DVD-106S as Secondary Slave (both off of the ASUS P3V4X IDE Secondary m/b connector). PlexTools functions properly and ‘sees’ the blank Verbatim 16X DVD+R disc w/o hanging …
However, I don’t seem to be able to run Nero CD-DVD Speed 4.50 or Nero DVD Speed … CD-DVD Speed spits a GUI error: ‘No CD-ROM drives found.’, then retires when ‘OK’ is clicked and DVD Speed spits out a similar error: ‘No DVD-ROM drives found’ but keeps spitting the GUI error after every click of ‘OK’ - it has to be killed off as a Process in Windows Task Manager.
FYI - I tried the above w & w/o PlexTools running in systray.
I ran Nero InfoTool and the ASPI tab tells me: System ASPI: (two files listed, more about these below), then: ‘ASPI installation is corrupted’; Nero ASPI: (nothing listed), then: ‘ASPI is not installed’. (‘InfoTool, 0819PST19MAR06.txt’ file attached)
I have the Adaptec Windows ASPI drivers version v4.71.2 installed and when I run the Adaptec supplied utility ‘aspichk.exe’ V2.0 (, I can see that the two expected files: ASPI32.SYS & WNASPI32.DLL, are present and accounted for and are found at the expected locations.
I have tried re-running the Adaptec Windows ASPI drivers version v4.71.2 ‘install.bat XP32’ from a Command Prompt configured to run from the ‘C:\adaptec\aspi’ directory … however, the reported info from both Nero InfoTool and Adaptec’s ‘aspichk.exe’ remain the same.
Can anyone please comment on this twist in my predicament? Thanks much …

InfoTool, 0819PST19MAR06.txt (35.7 KB)

OK … posting back to advise that what I needed to do to get Nero CD-DVD Speed 4.50 and Nero DVD Speed to function was the Nero-supplied ‘wnaspi32.dll’ file (v2.0.1.74), which I put in each respective app directory.
Now the proggys work OK, however, when running ScanDisc (Surface scan) in Nero CD-DVD Speed, all sectors are reported as Bad (red) for a blank Verbatim (MCC 004) 16X DVD+R disc (?)
Complicating matters is the fact that when I click on ‘Manual’ under the Help menu, I get an Open/Cancel file dialog, then, when I click on Open, I can get the help file (‘CDSpeed_eng.chm’ - in same direcory as app) to open and display the left-column index, however, no pages will display - only an IE6 type of display: ‘The page cannot be displayed’ … so … I am unable to familiarize myself with this version of Nero CD-DVD Speed to see if I am implementing the ScanDisc (Surface scan) test properly.
One other thing that I am unsure about is whether to set the Region Code for the Plextor drive - it is currently not set - at all. I am hesitant to set it to Region 1 (I’m in Canada) as I understand that there are a finite number of changes allowed and didn’t want to waste one of them unnecessarily.

Anyone? … anyone?

Only outstanding question (from all of the above) I have now is: when running ScanDisc (Surface scan) in Nero CD-DVD Speed 4.50, all sectors are reported as Bad (red) for a blank Verbatim (MCC 004) 16X DVD+R disc (?)
Why would this be? I thought the idea with ScanDisc > Surface scan was to assess new, unused media for its’ quality …