PX-716A Please help!

Hi guys!
It would be great if you could help me with these questions.

1.Does PX-716A has buffer underrun protection?

2.When I insert a disc (DVD or CD) it takes 20 seconds to read it,is this normal for this model of Plextor?

3.The most important questions!
If I put a DVD that contains(for ex.) 4 GB of data in my PX-716 drive and try to copy/paste the 4 GB of data on my hard disc it takes about 33 minutes,which is veery long.

4.And when I burn 8x DVD media it burns them with 4x speed.I select the 8x speed and then click burn but it takes about 24 minutes,which is very slow.

Can you guys tell me what could be the reason for this?

  1. yes
  2. yes
  3. what are you usng to copy data? Explorer? an application like decryptor?
  4. what media are you using? Not all 8x rated will burn at 8x if the media is crappy

Hello :o
First of all , sorry for my schoolish english ! :bigsmile:

I think for your 3rd question , that it’s only ,AMOA ,a “DMA” problem .
It seems that the Dma is not enabled and so , your dvd burner running in pio mode . Under XP the PX-716a running on dma 2 ,You can check this with the hardware manager .
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  1. I once did the same copy/paste, although it took about 28 mins from hard drive to hard drive, both set on UDMA5

  2. 8x media should burn at 8x, but it depends on your burner and firmware and some on your media. For example, I have a px716a and I used Media Quality check on one Ritek Ridata 8x DVD-R and it only passed at 6x, so I burned it 6x. The next one I tried passed at 8x. :eek: If your firmware doesn’t support certain media being burned, it’s not a guarantee it will burn at the rated speed; as Bob said, if the media is cheap like Princo or some other brand that is known to be bad…

Your Plextor px-716a should be autodetected by Windows XP and set at UDMA4. However, check this screen to be sure what your setting is


If the device where your Plextor is (mine in that screen is the first one, at the top) says “PIO mode,” then change it the DMA like it says there–you should be able to select it.

Thanks for the replies guys.I will follow your advices and try to improve the performance of my PX-716a.
But there is one more thing I am confused about:
When I burn CDs on my PX-716a with Nero there is a square for Buffer Underrrun Protection and there is a tick in it(which we all understand what it means),
But when I burn DVDs there is no Buffer Underrrun Protection square,so that is why I asked if there is Buf. Und. Pro. and someone of you said yes there is.

So where should I check to see If my PX has Buf. Und. Pro. for DVDs?

I have already failed to burn 1 DVD becouse of that - Yeah, for the first time in my life I failed to burn a DVD becouse of a Buffer Underrun.

Buffer Underrun protection came about to fix a problem many people had with CD burners. By the time recordable DVDs came around, it was made a full blown standard requirement. It’s always on. You’ve never heard of a buffer underrun on a DVD, have you?

[edit] Oh, it seems you have. First I have ever heard of such a thing, honestly.

Buffer underrun is for CD. DVD have auto linking called “zero link” or “lossless linking” depending on which camp you’re in (+R or -R). Same thing only different.