PX-716A owners, please read

I’ve gotten 2 bad PX-716’s, and I’d like other 716 owners to check in w/their experiences. (This is for the internal IDE version, not the SATA version.) From just a quick glance thru the forum, I see that some are on their 8th, trying to get a good one. :Z

  1. When did you buy and install your 716?

  2. If you know/recall, what was the manufacture date on the sticker on the top of the drive?

  3. Did the drive fail? If so, how long did it take to fail after you began using it?

  4. If it has not failed, how long has it been in service?

  5. Do you use the SpeedRead feature?

  6. If the drive failed, and you ran the diagnostic, what was the result? (I.e., one blink or two blinks?)

Thanks, all.

  1. Febuary 16’th
  2. Don’t remember the exact date but it said January 2005 on it - 0203
  3. Hasn’t failed yet. Burnt approximately 150 DVD’s
  4. 2 months and a few days
  5. Use SpeedRead. Had a little trouble with it not sticking in Plextools 2.20 and fw 1.05. Works perfectly now though.
  6. N/A

While there are indeed some sad experiences by users with truly defective drives i’m under the distinct impression that there are a sizeable number of hypochondriac people out there. I’m speaking of those who, for example, think that having a PIE max. of 60 (after having seen a scan with a max. value of 20) means their drive is defective. This, of course, without having done the self test or any furhter testing at all. Also I think it rather irrealistic that someone would receive 8 defective drives in a row. The statistical probability for that is just incredibly low. IMHO most of those cases are rather a ‘user’-problem of some sort that somehow magically sorts itself out after having installed several times (we all know Windows, don’t we?).

Having said that I have very high regards for Plextor for exchanging drives without putting up to high a bar of conditions/questions/etc. Such exchanges are costing them big money and they just do it (even 8 times to the same person, a number where properly instructed service personnel should start to ask some questions, because it is costing them money).

As for you questions:

  1. December 04
  2. November 04 (TLA# 0202)
  3. Still working fine.
  4. ever since 1)
  5. Yes
  6. N/A

i’d have to agree 110% with hwp.

  1. Nov '04 & Dec '04

  2. TLA 0101 mfg 11/04; TLA 0202 mfg 11/04

  3. No for both

  4. see above

  5. all the time

  6. not applicable

Just to give proof for how easy it is to make a mistake: The above should of course read “04” and not “03”. :slight_smile:

Two drives, a TLA #0203 and a TLA #0304

  1. In March. / In March.

  2. December 2004 / January 2005

  3. It did, right from the beginning. / If cd burning issue can be tracked down, it hasn’t failed yet.

  4. – / Since March.

  5. I do. / Either.

  6. RMA’ed without further testing. / –

  1. March 2005

  2. January 2005

  3. it did/from the beginning

  4. no/don’t know that feature

  5. the drive did not recognice a cd or a dvd. So I couldn’t make a diagnostic

  1. November 2004
    • TLA 202
  2. Well… I’ve burned things since November 2004… But I’m not a “Power-burner” :wink:
  3. No, I don’t use this feature… For reading I’m using my good, old Toshiba SD-M1302
  4. Never had to run one…

1 - December 2004

2 - November 2004, Made in China

3 - My first one didnt work.Recognised by OS, but couldnt read/wright nothing. 3 days after, i receive a new one, with the same batch.
Again, problems with “Bad Vibes”, on January, i think, i did open it, and after cirurgical delicated operation, the vibes stop and sounds/works like a charm… :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :smiley:

4 - See above

5 - Yes, for is sake, but i have a Lite-On for that kind og “Work” :bigsmile:

6 - N/A :confused: no problems…defective media?


  1. February 2005
  2. January 2005 TLA #0203
  3. NO
  4. Since February ( 200 cd copy ( 32x )and 50 dvd copy ( 8x )
  5. No
  6. N/A

716A Jan 05 TLA203
716SA Jan05 TLA 203

They both work great 500 DVD and still working Great

  1. Bought 2 716SA drives, one in mid-Feb '05, the other late-Feb '05.
  2. Both drives were made in January 2005 and Made in China. However, one drive was TLA #0203, and the other was TLA #0304.
  3. The TLA #0203 drive (the first of the two drives purchased) was defective out of the box. It had horrible DVD burn quality (PIE > 280) on good MCC004 Verbatim 16X DVD+R media–it coastered some of this media with results that were unreadable. Also, the drive could not read CDs properly. This drive was RMA’d to NewEgg.com–at that time, I heard about TLA #0304, and decided that I wanted to go for the new TLA revision. I heard that a lot of people had gotten defective units, so I couldn’t risk getting an exchange from Newegg.com. So I bought my TLA #0304 drive to replace the defective unit–it was purchased from a Microcenter retail store for full retail price ($149.99). I decided I’d rather pay full retail price so I can return the second drive to a retail store if it was defective and exchange it for a third drive quickly and conveniently, rather than going through a lengthy RMA process (and possibly not get the TLA #0304 I wanted). The second drive was not defective, so no third drive was necessary. My only complaint with the second drive is that the CD burning quality at 32X and 48X appears to be vastly inferior to that of my CD/DVD burners. And I use good quality Plextor recommended CD-Rs.
  4. My second drive has been in service since late February '05.
  5. Yes.
  6. My first drive was defective immediately–given the fact that it coastered good quality MCC004 Verbatim 16X DVD+R, burned the DVD media with horrible quality, and couldn’t read CDs properly, running the diagnostic test was unnecessary, because I knew the drive was bad.

@tlotz. You need to copy and paste this post to an E mail and fire it off to Plextor, if nothing else it will make you feel better. :smiley:

Yeah, I should. I didn’t mean lowse up HLMencken’s thread; I just realized that I overlooked the fact that he said he wanted the experiences of those who had the ATAPI/IDE PX-716A (not the PX-716SA SATA version). However, my two cents still belong here because the SATA version is just the same drive with an IDE to SATA converter, so my experience is still relevant. I don’t think HLMencken realizes that the SATA version is really the same drive. One other thing: that Microcenter retail store I bought the good TLA #0304 PX-716SA drive was 50 miles from my home; I drove 100 miles (round trip) to buy my second drive (which was good like I said) at the retail price of $149.99 so I could avoid the possibility of a lengthy RMA process if additional drives bought online ended up being bad. I wish Best Buy carried the SATA PX-716SA–I have a Best Buy nearby, but unfortunately, they only carry the PX-716A and PX-716UF.

Unfortunately right now it doesn’t seem that Plextors U.S. division gives a crud…

I wish it was’t true. Was quite frustrating. This 8th one is working great! As for as errors were concerned the disks had PIE error levels over 280, or the drive just would not recognize any type of media. I ran the diagnostic test after problems with the first one on every drive after that to make sure I did not have to go through the hassle of a complete hardware install. Only two failed that test. I went through a clean Windows install, various drivers loaded, so on and so forth. Believe me, my suspisions said OS problems or my system just did not like ths drive. I could not find anything that improved the burn quality any except fo uninstalling all packet writing software, even then that did not stop the coasters from stopping. There may very well be some people that want a drive with under 60 PIE with every media, I just wanted under 280 at the medias rated speed. Not overspeed!

I can’t speak to the minds of those to whom you regard as stastically unlikely to have gotten seven bad drives in a row. Nor was I, in my post, referring to PIE tests or other disk reads. No, both my drives went kaput (not to get too technical). :wink: Both diagnostics yielded the two-blink code, which = initialization failure. Other than that, my test approach was simple: the drives read and burn great at first, are fantastic at every task I set them to, and then…

First they had trouble reading a disk here and there. Oops, must be my fault–guess I scratched the disk or something. No, wait, those same disks read properly in both my other DVD drives: an NEC 3520A, and a Plextor 708UF. Hmm, what’s going on here?

Let’s burn some disks. Okay, guess it’s all right, the disks are burning fine. No wait, that last disk reads on one of my set-top players, but not on the other. Must be the media.

Let me switch to Verbatim. Whew, that last burn seems okay. No, wait, now I just got 3 coasters in a row–three Verbatim coasters. Let’s try the burn in the NEC… burns fine. Plays fine.

When I ordered this drive from Newegg, I noted that they said “Product is warranted thru manufacturer only”, but didn’t think much about it, because I’ve never had a bad Plextor. Let me expand on that: I’ve never had a bad optical drive, ever. Never ever. Even going back to my original, 1x CD-ROM drive. I’ve always retired the drives and/or systems they were in. If I fire up one of those old systems, the drives are still working. No bad ones–until now.

HWP, this tirade is not directed at you. I realize that, in heated situations such as this, it helps to have the occasional cooler head such as yourself. But the fact seems to exist, that there is something odd going on w/this particular drive.

My equivalent analogy would be that if I bought a new Lexus, by the end of the first week the engine would have blown, Lexus would make me pay to return the car and give me a new engine, and that one would also blow up. And they would want me to pay again to get a good one. (As Plextor is European, I would have used a European car analogy, but Consumer Reports rates them all very low in reliability. I guess we can add European DVD drives to the list.) And this would keep going on and on and on…

I can post my miserable experience w/Plextor, if anyone is interested (I have all the emails). The topper was when I wrote to their Public Relations dept., explaining what was going on, and never receiving a reply. Public Relations!

Their tech support followed a very rigid script, and ignored many questions I put in my emails. Their RMA dept. would not respond at all.

Am I steamed? You bet. :a If I shell out $50 for a Lite-on or similar less expensive brand, I don’t expect too much. But I paid $130 for the Plextor, and I expected support to match the premium price. I didn’t get it, and now–yes, I know–I’m going off the deep end about it.

What power do we, as individuals, have in a situation like this? If I want to return the second bad drive, I have to pay more shipping. If that drive is also bad, then more shipping, and more, and more… Where does it end, and how does a company like that ever become accountable?

HLMencken: I am now also ticked, just like you. My second 716SA drive is now coastering Verbatim 2.4X high priced high quality (made of sold gold, ha ha ha!) DVD+R DL discs. Microcenter has agreed to even exchange the drive, despite the fact that I am beyond the 30-day return policy. Maybe by the 16th drive I’ll get one that works.

crossg: Actually, unless tlotz has a supreme serenity in his personality, emailing Plextor is more likely to give him an aneurism. In the 20+ years I’ve been dealing w/computers, I have never–never!–had such bad dealings w/a tech company. Their tech support is 90% unresponsive, their RMA dept. is 100% unresponsive, and from there it just goes downhill.

As I mentioned is a previous post above, the amount I pay for an item tells me implicitly what level of company support I should receive. I guess that life-approach is no longer valid for me.

Actually, I’m trying to get Newegg to exchange for me, bending their rules a bit. They want to give me another 716, but I don’t want it. (Or I should say, I would want it if I knew it was going to work, but I have no assurance this won’t go on another 4 months. Yes, this situation has been ongoing since early January, and I am f*****g fried about it.) At this point I’m willing to go for a “lesser” drive, like the OEM BenQ 1620 or the LG 4163. Or both, since together they cost less than the Plextor.