PX-716A or PX-760A



Quick question: between PX-716A and PX-760A, which is generally best for CD burning and CD audio ripping?


The PX-716A is alright for audio CD burning until you get somewhere past the 30-minute mark on the disc - then the jitter starts to get nasty (if I recall correctly). The PX-716A is also a decent audio ripping drive if you like going the AccurateStream route, but some would argue that’s not the best approach for audio CD ripping.

You also have to understand that the PlexWriter Premium came out at the same time as the PX-716A even though the 716 could rip and burn CDs, because the Premium was a specialist (CD-only) drive which succeeded in numerous CD tasks where the 716 failed.

I don’t own a 760 yet, but word around here and other review sites is all fairly consistent about the 760 being much better with audio CDs than the 716. There’s also a lot more horror stories about dead 716s, compared to dead 760s.

Until I can try out a 760, I have to say the Premium is the best ripping audio CD drive I’ve ever used - it’s certainly better than the PX-716 and most of the non-Plextor drives.