PX-716A or DVR-109?

Overall who is the best PX-716A or DVR-109?

do some reading

i have drpino
but still no Clear choice for me

elaborate on your desired usage, media availability, features desired, etc. etc.

answers to the question as you posed it aren’t gonna help you any more than reading the hundreds of posts about each drive.

you have 2xPlextor PX-716A
ok this is the answer for me

What a “conclusion”.
How long is the 716 available and how long the 109…?

i agree, just cause I have 2 716s doesn’t mean YOU should get one. if it’s between the 2 i’d still go with 716 though…haven’t read great things about the 109. as i’ve stated elsewhere in this forum, the only other drive i’d consider is the BenQ 1620.