PX-716A Online review

DVDWriters (I’d never heard of them until today) has posted a review of everyone’s favorite Plextor 16x burner: http://www.dvdwriters.co.uk/reviews/plextor/plextor716ap1.htm

Surprisingly, they actually deal with write quality in this review!

I have the same read glitch near the end of the disk on -R media as the reviewer observed, but not on +R.


here’s another PX-716A review:

DVD Writers UK site has been up for some years.

One of the latest 16x DVD writer review: http://www.cdfreaks.com/article/172/5

Some more discussions here.


Just for the record, LG and other manufacturers did have 8x DVD+RW and 6x DVD-RW some months ago. If they don’t have sample DVD+R 8x DL media, how else can they test them?

Not much to read here.


I’m biased since I concentrate on reading the 16x write results when I first read 16x DVD writer reviews.

Ahh, Kenshin, the proud owner of LGs… :smiley: I was so close getting an LG4163, I ordered it @newegg a while back during weekend and cancelled Monday morning after I knew that it can’t overspeed TYT02 @16x. That’s my only problem since currently 16x rated media (at least here in the US) is not widely available yet. I do love the ability to burn RAM tho… and the P-CAV speed of 5:30+ @16x:iagree:

Thanks for the heads up.

I thought you’d stocked up on MCC004…?

It’s between 5:20 and 5:30 usually, not 5:30+.

What about MCC004 for US$0.6?

TD: well I only have 6 x 25pack MCC004. :smiley:

Kenshin: yeah only MCC004 here so not much fun, no Sony/TDK/Maxell/TYT03 16x rated, yet. And a while back I see in LG forum only one cool scan from MCC004 (yours), but eleewhm’s scan on MCC004 was not that cool.