PX-716A not recognizing anything



Hi all,

Just got my first DVD burner (PX-716a) and it is not recognizing any CDs or DVDs that I put in. When I used the Roxio software that came with the drive I get this message:

(“Seek, synch, ATIP or mechanical positioning error – hardware error.” [04/09/01]).

When I used Nero it locks up. Got the latest firmware. I have it on the secondary IDE as the master and a DVD rom as the slave. Windows see it. ASPI is installed. I don’t know what else to check. I can’t burn CD or DVD and it won’t read either. Any help would be appreciated.



RMA with it!

Sorry Mack_d, but my first Plextor, ( about 2 weeks ago…), did came with same problem: was recognised, by OS, Nero, Plextools, except one thing: - didnt read nothing at all!!! When you put anything, does the light blink? - If not..........its a dead one!
You can try exchange the IDE cable by the original…

Well, if i was you, i would go to the store and change it for a new one!
Too bad!

Any other ideas, from this fórum? Tks.

P.S. - Is it a TLA#0202?


Thanks Mordorr. I was thinking the same but since it is my first burner I thought I might have missed something. You think I should try another Plextor or get another brand. I don’t know the TLA#. What did you end up doing?


the sicker on the back of the Drive should Read TLA 0X0X … 0101 had a hardware defect … if your’s is not 0202 … then RMA the drive …


mack d, that sounds like dead drive. Your drive is covered by a one year warranty (or two if you live in Europe) so you can exchange is for a different one. Btw, welcome to the forums.


Mack_d: Also welcome to the Fórum!

I did call the importer, here in Portugal, send it back, and 2 days after i receive a new one!
Contact the store you buy, or the importer in your country,first!
If not RMA, directly with Plextor!

Good luck!