PX-716a no seek complete error with Nero



This PX-716 has been great since I had it. But since I updated the firmware to 1.04 Nero will not burn a music CD-R. I get a no seek complete error at the begining. I am using Memorex CD-R’s. With firmware 1.03 I was burning music with these same CDs with nero without any problems. However Alcohol 120 allows me to copy my PS2 games to the Memorex CD-R with the PX-716a and they play fine in my PS2. I updated to the latest version of Nero but still have the same problem. I didn’t try to go back to the 1.03 FW yet. I thought it might have something to do with the Memorex CD’s so i just bought some Sony and TDK CD-R’s but I didn’t try them yet. Did anyone else have this problem? Thanks


If you can return those Sony and TDK CDRs, do it and get Fuji CDRs 50pack Made in Japan. The fuji is actually Taiyo Yuden CDRs, which is excellent. I use the Fuji CDR and never get any problem with all my current burners.

Sorry it’s not solving your current problem.