PX 716A No RAW DAO support?


I was trying to burn a backup image of one of my games requiring RAW DAO in the latest alcohol 120%. To my big surprise i could only select DVD DAO in the write method option.

Does PX 716A really not support RAW DAO or is something wrong at my end?

I have 1.09 firmware using Alcohol 120% 1.9.5 build 3105.

While googling for a solution i saw a screenshot of a log from alcohol 120% where the user had used PX-716A and selected RAW/DAO as write method.

Can someone please shed some light of this matter?


The disc your trying to backup is probably a DVD.

What’s rhe name and discformat of the game.

Not really sure what you mean by discformat but its a dvd game called UFO aftershock and i made the image using profile Starforce 1/2/3 in alcohol 120%.

I didn’t know RAW/DAO wasn’t available for DVD writers :frowning:

RAW/DAO is only avaible for cd’s, not for dvd’s.

It has nothing to do with the hardware is a dvd writer.

Well I guess i have to continue playing on my original and wait for dtools 4 to come out and run the image from it.

Either way, I’m thankful for the fast replies and information.