PX-716a Multisession fails



I just installed my PX 716A , upgarded the firmware to 1.04 and discovered that it doesnt support multisession write (see note on firmware download page).

Anyone got any idea when this will be fixed? I would not have bought the drive if I knew this …


MultiSession is still supported just not on DUAL LAYER DVDR media (DVD+R DL). Or do you want to use MultiSession with your dual layer discs?

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So mulltisession does work on DVD+R (SL) and DVD+RW discs with v1.04 firmware?


After a lot more tests it seems that maybe the problem is with Nero (V under Win XP SP2).
It only works if you have a current nero compilation open for that disc, and there does not seem to be a way of creating a compilation from the current contents of the disc.
This makes it just about impossible to use a multisession DVD RW on more than a single PC. (taken me a day and a half so far to figure this out, and I have not got to the end yet …)