PX-716A Motor Noise?



Has anyone noticed a ticking-humming noise( sounds like drive motor interference) coming throught the speakers with thier 716 drive? I can hear it when I pause a DVD or in silent parts of a movie during playback. It changes frequency with the speed of the drive. I have tried rerouting sound cable and tried a new one, no help. I am using the analog wire and connector because I have the SPDIF wire to my Lite-on drive for playback.



Never heard of that problem, but you have one of the il-fated TLA:0000 drives. At least yours works! Mine fried mid burn and spit the DVD out at me. :eek: Pit-toooey! Never seen anything like it. Then the blasted thing went into a blinking fit and decided it wasn’t going to read any more media . . . ever. :confused:



ImBAD, sorry to hear your bad luck. I think my luck has also run out with this drive. The other day on boot up, it did a ker-chunk, ker-chunk about 5 times, like the bios couldn’t recognise it. I don’t burn alot of movies, but I’ve had 2 instances where the drive couldn’t read store bought dvd’s. (two amber blinks and had to reboot to get it to work). I wish it would die and get it over with! Is Plextor USA sending TLA:0202 for rma’s?


Yeah, Mik3 I would go ahead and RMA that drive. People have been having much better luck with the TLA#0202 batch. If you tell Plextor it’s a TLA#0000 and that it’s giving you problems they’ll take it back no questions asked. They have been very good about that.

Plextor stands behind their products and they want their customers to be happy. I’ve heard of them sending people 4 or 5 drives, but now with the TLA0202 batch most people appear to be happy.

Needless to say, everyone here was worried when this drive first came out, but I am gaining confidence every day that it’s going to get better and better.



I suppose I will run the self diagnostic test tomorrow, I’m sure they will ask for it. I would just like to know if they have the 0202 on hand here in the USA to send out.


I dunno. I received my latest PX-716A replacement this December, and Plex sent me a TLA#0102. It doesn’t write any faster than my PX-712A, and it doesn’t write as accurately as any of the DVD-writers in my sig… but I’d kinda fed up with RMAing Plextors at the moment. I feel bad, too–sorta like I’m kicking a good guy who’s down on his luck. Maybe I’ll ask Plextor if they’ll send me #6 in February.


I suppose you could request that they send you a TLA0202. I don’t see why not?

Just curious, Tropic, but what is your favorite drive out of all the ones you have?


Toss-up between the PX-712A and the DW-1620. I’ve used the Plex longer than any other DVD drive I currently own and have burned more media than with the other DVD drives combined. It rips fast, writes fast, and doesn’t fail me. The BenQ’s freaking amazing with +R media, so I use it a lot, too. I hate burning CD-Rs with it, though.

The NEC is a all-around solid, impressive drive, but two things bother me: you have to flash it with modded firmware to set booktypes or remove the reading speed limit… and it has that CHEAPASS looking eject button. It’s just a reliable, boring drive.

Drives I liked but gave away: ND-2500A & ND-2510A, PX-712A (took it back, though :)).

Drives I threw in the trash bin: Litey SOHW-812S.


Just a quick note, Have you checked the volume setting for your mic input under the mixer panel?

If you dont use it & left at full volume its amp will pick up all sorts of noise comming from around your PC and amplify it. I know that its the first thing I have to turn off when installing new sound drivers as its annoying hearing the buzz & noise it can detect.


qwakrz has point could be the issue, it could also be ground bounce, if it sounds like the buzz is going up when the drive reads faster then dont mind it, it can do no harm, the drive is acting like a dynamo in a car, that could also cause a buzz in your car radio, this is ver common and no problem


Doesn’t Win98SE allow you to use digital audio extraction? Been a while since I’ve used it. Anyway, do you still get the interference after ditching the analog cable and using your soundcard/chip’s DAC rather than the drive’s?

I would favor RMAing the drive rather than coming up with a workaround, though.


Thanks for all the tips. The noise is still there when enabling digital playback, only not as loud. I may have more than one problem going on here. As you can see below, my system is dated and showing it’s age. I will get back when I investigate more.