PX-716A Media Quality Check at 16X disappeared!

Along about 1.04U or so, the speed selection when testing MCC004’s at 16X under media quality check has disappeared–only 12X is available. Anybody else notice this strangeness?

Yes there was a post last week about the 16x Quality check with MMC004 media. couldn’t find the post. Pretty much the same question, he went back to 1.04 and said it was back. :confused:

Is this a bug? Or a weird “feature”? Guess I’ll have to fire off an email to Plextor Support.

Here comes another F/W revision any one want to take a guess? 1.06,A

this is very minor will be on the waiting list… for 1.07

they fixed my cdrw problem bc i asked them to :wink:

I think this is from upgrading plextools, not firmware - 2.17 is the last plextools version I had that could check media for 16x. But then again, I haven’t checked the 2.17 plextool + 1.06 firmware combo.

Here is the thread I couldn’t find earlier. :slight_smile: