PX-716A: is the S/N on the box sticker the same as S/N on drive itself?

Mildly stupid question, but looking for help anyway:

I’m filling out the rebate form for my new Plextor 716A drive and of course the form asks for the drive serial number, which I forgot to read off the top of the drive before installing it.

The rebate form says “get the serial number off the top of the drive”. I’ll do that if I have to, but it will require a fair amount of disassembly for me to do so and I’m in the middle of a really long render.

The sticker on the box that shows the “TLA #0304” info also has a bar code and a 12-digit number. Via software, a 6-digit serial number is listed for the drive and these 6 numbers are the last 6 numbers of the 12-digit number that is on the sticker on the box.

So, to repeat the title of this posting, for my Plextor 716A drive is the 12-digit number on the box sticker the serial number of the drive itself?

It should be,and as long as software shows the same serial number(last 6 digits) then its right.How come one drive/product with two serial numbers? Unless the package was changed.

The # above the TLA # on the sticker is the serial number of the drive. I confirmed it w/ the # on the drive before assembling it.

That’s exactly what I was hoping to hear – now I can mail the rebate form today and not have the serial number question being the fullfilment house’s reason to deny the rebate! :slight_smile: