PX-716A goes crazy sometimes

sometimes when PC is powered on for a weeks my PX-716A making me really upset with the following issues:

  1. only DVD+R media can be recorded. when I insert blank DVD-R media drive waiting for 40-50 seconds then making two short indicator blinks each 4-5 seconds. I’ve tried firmwares from 1.05 to 1.08 and hard reset PC but only power off and on helping to fix problem for next few weeks.
  2. when scartched disk being read on this drive DMA mode can be disabled by itself and I have to restart PC to enable it again. plextools is not indicating DMA mode disabled and few times I’ve used about an hour to record DVD under 100% CPU load because of DMA disabled.
  3. drive cannot make quality recording on TDK TTG02 media with any available firmware and advanced settings. under any circumstances last gig of disk recorded very shitty (bad peak shift, high jitter, high errors level). while TTG01 recorded perfectly

can anyone help me please or better let me wait f/w 1.09 and hope for better life? :bow: :frowning:

  1. If power on/power off makes the drive work for a couple of weeks, it’s most likely not the drive. A failure is a failure. Turning the power on/off will not repair a drive. The laser is the same for +R and -R. Only the logical format is different. Could be there is a firmware issue or something making the drive not recognize -R, but unlikely.

  2. If the SYSTEM drops into PIO mode trying to read a scratched disc, it is because the CRC error rate was too high and the system reset the rate lower to improve data transfer. PTP may not display that if the system does not make that available to the app.

  3. The media is probably crappy. If the error rate is still below 280, no problem. If it exceeds 280, get another spindle or try another brand. Since the TT01 work for you, try the TT02 at a slower speed and work up to max. Hopefully you can find a speed it will work fine or you’re SOL and need to get a different brand.

thanks for the answers

same drive same media smae prob
and no one can help
my drive doesnt want another firmware
…in the end - some gigs of data blown
this sux