PX-716A FW 1.07 and CD-R Jitter



OK, now I’ve seen everything.

The TLA 0304 PX-716 that I thought had a defective CD section now does much better, but not perfect, on CD-Rs with respect to Jitter after upgrading to FW 1.07. C1/C2/CU errors are all extremely low, even at high speeds. Looks like I won’t be RMA-ing this unit after all.

So my defective drive count gets decremented by 1.

The TLA0305 PX-716 that was burning CD-Rs perfectly with 1.06, now has jitter like the old one had before the upgrade to 1.07! Sounds like the CD-R burning problem is a firmware issue, or at least, correctable by firmware. The question is, will my new drive be bad from now on and my old drive continue to get better? Sheesh. I never know what to expect.

Anybody out there see NO CHANGE in Jitter on CD-Rs between 1.06 and 1.07? Or is yours BETTER with 1.07, or BETTER with 1.06? I have one of each and since my new drive is within the return period, I’m trying to weigh my options before the window closes.

Please note: I am assuming that your drive burns low C1/C2/CU with both versions. My concern is jitter.


I’ve just downloaded 1.07.
I’ll make some tries.
As I explained in thread
“PX-716A Firmware 1.06 worse than 1.05 on low-speed burns”
I noticed a degradation in Beta-Jitter values, so I reflashed the drive with 1.05.
I’m not pretending to see the perfect scans generated by my fantastic Yamaha CRW-F1, I just only want the 1.05 quality!


Thanks for your input.
Looking at FW1.07, jitter is horrible on 8X discs: worse than 16X or 32X, according to Plextools at least. It used to be that if you slowed down the burn, the jitter would be tamed. Seems contrary to logic that at a 32X partial CAV, jitter would be better than at 8X CLV!

Plex is tinkering with the firmware, but it doesn’t seem to be helping all drives across the board. I’m losing faith in this drive–now it seems I can’t trust a good drive, and maybe I returned a drive that would have been good!


jitter on CD-R burns with both my 716s and FW 1.07 are extremely low…see the CD Quality Scans thread.


Was jitter low before the upgrade?


i don’t recall…and can’t seem to find a beta/jitter scan from prior FWs…

IF i ever flash down, i’ll run a scan…


Looks like your drives have a different problem–mine both have low C1 and C2 = CU = 0 errors. Even my “worst” burns have C2 = 0. Jitter, on the other hand, is awful–I can’t find a CD player that’ll play these discs without some degradation. My Benq says my jitter is running at about 15-19%


hmm, you made me a bit nervous. I haven’t tested my 716a CD quality extensively… Just tested my 712a but it’s not as beautiful as ftp or Geo, the media used were 2 years old Fuji TY, btw.


I tested my CD-R burning at 48x on Sony CD-R media on both 1.06 and 1.07, and my average jitter values decreased from 10.88% to 10.51%, nothing to write home about. Unfortunately the C1 index increased from 2.02 to 3.19. Burn times were with one second of each other, and the max jitter value decreased by 1%. My PX-716A is a later model, I believe the TLA is 0302.


To put that in perspective the same media tested on a Samsung TS-H552U running firmware US06 takes 7 secs longer to burn, has a C1 index of 1.31 and 8.52% average jitter peaking at 11.1%.

Burning the same media on a DW1620 with B7V9 firmware scored 1.69 C1 index, 8.19% jitter and 12% peak jitter. It was 24 seconds slower though.

Not too impressive there Plextor…


You said that 8X discs are worse than 32X.
What PlexTools options you eventually enabled (eg. VariRec)?
I’m asking you, because the max. speed with VariRec is 8X. And VariRec should contribute to reduce Jitter…
If not, maybe VariRec can’t help us anymore to improve quality…
I’m wondering why I never had problems with 1.05…
I’ll try to make a Compact Disc - Digital Audio, with or without VariRec, at 8X and higer speeds, with 1.07… :confused:


I haven’t tested Varirec, just normal speed reduction in the write transfer rate options (used Nero CD/DVD Speed and set the max write speed to 8X in the options). I suppose Varirec might solve the problem–I guess it’s worth a try, but shouldn’t FW writing quality be getting better? :confused:

Under 1.06 my 0305 drive was almost perfect–jitter 9% and below, beta within 0.01, C1 errors at about 3000 (for the whole disc) and C2 and CU both 0, with TY media burned at 48X. With 1.07, my C1 errors are higher (5 times higher) and jitter swings full scale, but beta is still good and C2/CU are still 0.

On my 0304 unit, which had terrible jitter under 1.06, jitter is reduced, but still not great.

With DVDs, slower burn speeds generally meant less jitter, but with FW 1.07 that’s not true for CDs.

Before, my 0305 unit was far better than my 0304 unit. Now my 0304 unit is better than my 0305 unit, but still not as good as my 0305 unit was before FW 1.07. Confused? I sure am.

My 0305 unit’s going back to FW 1.06 in the mean time.


Here are two scans of the same disc. The disc was burnt with Plex Premium quite a while ago. Now I scanned it with Premium and with 716A. The 716A failed with read error. Here are the graphs: Premium first, 716A second, transfer graph (no speedread) 716A third.

I don’t trust the jitter scanning abilities of the 716A. I trust the Premium more. If jitter was that bad, I assume the read transfer graph wouldn’t be that smooth.


Well, here I go again! Apparently, I have a bum batch of Maxell CDRpro’s, because I just picked up a new pack of Fuji TY 48X’s and they all burn great on every drive I have. Low jitter, no C2’s, etc. I do recall leaving the previous pack in my car for a few hours of sunlight baking in the trunk, but I didn’t give it a second thought. They used to be good… At any rate, here’s some scans of the new batch.


Here is my new post:
Two scans:
C1/C2/CU errors
Seems to me that 1.07 firmware likes my Moser Baer India CDs!
The scans are from an Audio CD made at 48x.
I tried to burn the same CD at 4x, but with worse results.
Maybe recent media are best written at higher speeds… :slight_smile:


fastleo63, i think you’re correct that higher speed media (i.e. 48-52x) doesn’t burn well at speeds as slow as 4x. i think 16-40x is the best range.

btw, welcome to the forums! :smiley: