PX-716A fw 1.06 at Plextools Professional XL

I have just updated to this firmware using plextools pro xl. Anyone who has seen this?

The date on the firmware is 29/03/05.

I don’t have access to my computer now so I can’t look plextools xl to confirm this, but if really plextor launch 1.06 firmware seems that they arent happy ( like me :stuck_out_tongue: ) with the 1.05 firmware.

It is true! Thanks Ghostbuster! :smiley:



I hope that cdr writing quality with this firmware fix the problems that have 1.05 with my TY media.
This afternoon I will update my plex and post the results.

what??? a new upgrade???

Wow, interesting :slight_smile:

http://www.plextor.be/download/ftp1/716A106.exe isn’t working (yet)…

w00t w00t

they fixed the cdrw support on the plextor 716’s and cd-r closing command now works correctly

How are the burns with 1.06,… any difference from 1.05?

i just said it, its just fixes

they also fixed music cds to make perfect burns (cd players, wmp, etc) doesn’t know a differance

Can`t wait to get out office…and go home! :bigsmile: :bow:

P.S. - ( Offtopic ) How do i upgrade with a BIN? With Plextools or other program?

Thanks in advance! :bow:

PXUpgrade32 :cool:


You upgrade using PXUpgrade32 from Plextor

what cdr(w) media did you test?



Sorry didn´t see the thread - Fell free to del.

PS: Man you are FAST…



Hi. Would it be possible to E-Mail me the 1.06 Bin File as i don’t want to Download the Professional Plextools. Thanks,Ray rayny2e@bellsouth.net

download the bin file from here http://update.plextools.com/firmware/716A106.bin

You guys need to zip or rar up these bin files your passing around.
someone is going to get a corrupt bios download and most people dont watch
how the file is being downloaded or set thier download managers properly.
plextor is just asking for trouble, sheesh you’d think they’d know better!