PX-716A FW 1.05 Watch

Plextor USA updated their website over the weekend: Now the little box on the homepage that referred to a DVD-R DL upgrade says the update is coming “in March” instead of “mid-March”, as it said on Friday. I guess it’ll be another week yet, for them to bother to make this small change…

Their ftp site is still down (permanently…?)

Plextor Europe has removed the announcement of 1.05 entirely some time ago…

Bring it on, I’m ready for this one. :bow:

On one of the pages on the US site it says March 31st.

Maybe they are tring to find a way to charge a fee for it or make it available through ProTools XL update or something. Saying something is going to be released in March and wait until the 31st is like my company saying that our W2s will be released in January and they always wait until January 31st. Whatever. LOL

The official announcement on the japanese homepage, as can be found here:


clearly mentions “2005 年3 月中旬” which translates to “2005 middle of march”. That statement was made on the 7th of January undoubtedly taking into consideration the then known progress of the DVD-R DL specification finalisation process.

Since the specifications where only finalised maybe two weeks ago by the DVD-R consortium it seems a bit optimistic for anyone to expect working -R DL media and firmware by now. The question is: Was the finalisation still on time when compared to the estimate made in January?

So if Plextor want’s to provide working -R DL support with 1.05 they will have to take the time it needs and that includes any running late of the finalisation process.
Nothing they can do about it.

The initial news release in January said that the firmware would be available on March 31. Anybody who has done any software QA knows that there are always a few gotchas…thats why they put release notes in software packages…So if the firmware is off by a few days, big deal. They’ve never before announced firmware releases except in this case. Bet their announced date has come back to bite them in the a–.

I’ve always wondered how updating the firmware for the PX712SA/716SA works. Do you do it just like the IDE versions? *.exe file that loads the new firmware onto the drive?

Yes. The firmware downloads for the PX-716A/PX-716SA/PX-716UF are the same versions.

I hope they correct the problems with CD-RW (for me with the Memorex brand).

They have more urgent issues than adding support for low quality cd-rw media…

Like implement better burning strategies on MCC 004 at 16x…for instance…

About -R DL, isn`t for me such big deal…

which ftp address are you watching beeder? US, BE or JP? If I remember correctly 1.04/1.04u was first released in .jp?

The US site is the only one I know the ftp address for (ftp.plextor.com). Usually, firmware releases would appear there before they were posted to the website. Do you know of any other ftp addresses…? :smiley:

ftp.plextor.be and ftp.plextor.jp are other addresses. But need to go deeper since we don’t have access permission to the parent folder.

I’m not even seeing ftp servers at those addresses. Do you have an entry or an IP address in your hosts file or ftp program?

Just adding my name to the watch. :bow:

The following URL works:
So may be one day:

Thanks for the futuristic link. :slight_smile:


Count me in! I hope it is as good as 1.04 has been!!!