PX-716A FW 1.05 released with PlexTools Professional XL

bah :frowning:

It was a new disc. Still better though than with 1.04 (which just threw a medium error at me)

Thnx for the note :bow: . Quality scans are coming soon.

YUDEN000T02 8x DVD+R burned @16x
Plextor PX-716A TLA0202 fw1.05. Media sold as Fuji 50 pack (Made in Japan).

PoweRec still too sensitive. I will try later with PR off.

YUDEN000T02 8x DVD+R burned @16x
Plextor PX-716A TLA0202 fw1.05. Media sold as Fuji 50 pack (Made in Japan).

Very good in my book, although I was hoping to get sub 20 PIEs. Oh well… looks like the writing strategies for TY T02 is the same with 1.04.

Somebody checked the TA Test with 1.05?
It is not available with booktype DVD-Rom!
Maybe this function is disabled with 1.05?!

My scans:

Plextor 716a 1.05 TLA:0101

plextools write rate test 6:09

benQ scan pi/pif

TA = Good

No problem here.

I forgot to restart after installing plext.xl Now its workin

does this firmware correct the NO SEEK COMPLETE error occuring in CD writing?

heres the link plextools xl downloads the firmware from


I just updated my TLA #02 drive to 1.05 and I write a cdr to test it.
I use always the same media for cdr burning ( verbatim pastel 48x made by TY ) burned at 32x, I post one c1/c2 check with a 1.04u ( first one ) and other with 1.05 ( last one ), both of them with the same configuration of the drive.

I have to do more test :stuck_out_tongue: to see how works the 1.05 firmware with cdr.

1.05 firmware
FUJI (japan branded) TYG02
Plextor PX-716 TLA #0101
Burn Speed 16X PR on

Nice Burn KenW. Guess you’ll be sticking with 105. :slight_smile:

Ya 1.05 is a keeper, I would like to see a changes log see if they added anyhting other then what was in news post way back in Jan. :bow:

TYG02 would be my choice for PX-716A.

I’m sure someone will have that info soon enough. Looking at the scans here and in our Quality scans, it looks like 1.05 has made some definate improvements. Think I am going to by a case of that TYG02 media as the Plextors seem to like it. :slight_smile:

Anybody has sample MKM DVD-R DL disks? Just interested in whether Mitsubishi 2x DVD-R DL can be used for 6x DVD-R DL writing. :slight_smile:

interesting enough is that my YUDEN +R 16x looks worse then my TYG02 -R 16x test scans, and they’re both Fuji branded media

Maybe just quality variation among TYG02 and TY T02, KenW.

Kenshin: TYG02 works very nice in all burners, no? I know that my 716a, 712a and benq 1620 love it.