PX-716A FW 1.05 released with PlexTools Professional XL

PX-716A FW 1.05 released with PlexTools Professional XL.
Have fun :bow:


could you please post a downloadlink to FW 1.05 ?

Thank you…


Downloads PlexTools Professional XL and update the 716.

Ah, thank you. Will try that !

thanks for the heads up done whats new?


Downloaded Plextools Professional XL but can`t find an option to update my PX-716.
How do you do this ???



thank you gunnarium
i have now fw 1.05 :smiley:

Options -> Check for Firmware Upgrades

Regards, :wink:


any changes?
start the update then automatic or can i doenload a exe file?

I guess that the .EXE will appear soon on http://www.plextor.be and http://www.plextor.com. :wink:


Thanks again ! It`s working now :iagree:



I"m on a dial-up 56k modem, i have to be online for the update or PlextoolsXL just download the .exe file?

The check for updates needs to be online to do the test and download the firmware.

Does anybody have the changelog of the firmware?

I downloaded the trial, and check for updates…it say’s no available??

It’s working now, and have sucessfully upgraded to firmware 1.05. It’s dated March 17th 2005.

I saved the .BIN file if anyone wants me to email it. It’s 960KB in size. No idea about changes with the new firmware. This Plextools XL software seems nice, i may just purchase it.

I’m not a XL user.
So waiting for the official site released self-extracted edition.

Exactly. Nice try, Plextor.

Please post some scans in our quality scans thread. Going to wait for the EXE version. :slight_smile:

I mostly burn CDR…so let do a few test discs.

There is a *.bin file of 1.05 available, but I haven’t tested it for myself.

Thanks to the original poster: http://www.brennmeister.com/forum/jump2post.php?post=872529

DD: http://www.ewetel.net/~ralf.tietje/misc/716A105.rar

I’ll be waiting for the official release though.