PX-716a fixation error

Hi all,

Thank you for reading this.
I have a PX-716a DVD burner with a strange fault:
It refuses to write/erase -WR disks (CD and DVD, have no DVD+RW discs)
In NERO the error is returns is ‘fixation error’, when I like to make a backup. :sad:
The selfdiagnostic test (explained at http://www.plextor.com/english/support/faqs/HW00008.htm) runs fine, no errors
I have RMA-ed the drive and received a PX-755a (and I had to ‘dispose of the faulty drive at your end’) :wink: .
The of the 716a TLA is 0202 (Nov. 2004).

What can be a solution?

BTW.: ‘Normal’ disks will burn properly (I mean CD-R and DVD-r or DVD+r etc)
My thought is the laser itself, the reflection of a -RW disc is far less than a ‘normal’ -R or +R disc.

EDIT: Forgot to mention the firmware: 1.09, and have tested with other official firmwares, down to 1.04 wich gave the same problem.

I think it’s the drive’s problem. And some ppl said that Plextor 716 TLA 030xs have the much better hardware condition (esp. in optical pick-up) than TLA 020xs.

I have downloaded the newest firmware (1.10), and it seems to solve the problem.
Further testing will be done.

Tnx for any info