PX-716A Firmware 1.07 Reports



Now that firmware is available everywhere inculding the U.S. site:

Is there any positive or negative reports about this latest update? What are your experiences?


It’s running fine for me.


No problem with 1.07!


me too


I do have…

Today i decide to try this new stuff… :o

My first burn on DVD, a PIE litle high, but under 20…

Now came the problems. 1 CD from Media Type 6 ( 48x ), and the Nero refuses it to record at more than 8x!! :eek: :eek:

After trash 3 of them, call my Plextor 48/24/48 and burn this media with no problems at 40X…

I now its cheap/stupid media, but didn`t have this problems before… :frowning:

Donwgrade FW, here i go, just like the 1.05 FW :frowning: :frowning:

Impair numbers of those FW, seems to suck…maybe 1.08?? :iagree:


Me too,

I have many problems with 1.07 that I had not with 1.06
I downgrade to 1.06 and I have the same problems.

I think this model is drossy. :frowning: :a


running fine here too…


no probs with 1.07 here…


No problems!!Tried a CD and using STAPLES brand 48x,burned at 42.5x!


TLA#0202 + v1.07: I have noticed degraded writing quality with Verbatim 4x DVD+RW Media


Nero + DVD Shrink + TDK CMC MAG-E01 burnt @ 6X = Coaster x2. Went back to v 1.06, problem gone.


NERO Burning ROM + TDK 8x DVD+R CMC MAG E01 burned @ 8x on a PX-716A TLA 0101 w/FW 1.07 =

not the best scan in the world but far from being a coaster…(i have 2 other spindles of the same stuff that don’t exhibit the increase/density of PIEs/Fs btw 2.5-3.5GB). this disc is also overburned to 4,573MB :wink:


same exact details as above including the image file burned…only difference is the disc is from a different 25pk spindle of the stuff…


My burns are super clean as well. Glad I didn’t give up on Plextor.


when it works the burn quality is very good, but it has a very bad habit of making coasters at the same point in a lot of disks it gets to around 12% then fails :slight_smile: and it did the same with the old firmware.


That issue sounds very familiar to the problem described in this thread: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=137358&highlight=11%


i assume this is with different types of media/different batches?


1.07 is working good for me so far.


1.07 actually fixed a burn problem I’d been having with my Circuit City brand (ESA) 8x DVD-R and my 8x TDK DVD-R (both would not play on my sensitive phillips dvd player).


I just got my Plextor px-716A (TLA 0307) with firmware 1.07, so I don’t know if this is better than a previous firmware version. I have run tests with YUDEN000-T02 with A/S and P/R on. It will try to burn it up to 16x, but notice big spikes if P/R takes it over 12.97x at about the 3 gb mark (about 70% into the burn). I can attach tests, but really don’t know where to start, as what’s confusing me are the T/A results with Plextor burns–many of them are coming out “Not Good” or even “Bad” sometimes–although the PIE errors are usually quite good and far below 280 in nearly every case, with PIF 4 or under also. Before I burn, I deactivate my Trend Micro, kill my MemoryBoostPro, and that brings the processes down to 21 or 22. I leave the computer alone to let it burn. I got really excellent burns today by turning of P/R and setting CopytoDVD (VSO) to 8x. I would let P/R do it’s thing if it would adjust and “learn” as they say to keep the burn speed on these YUDEN000-T02 at no higher than 12.97.

The first set is “Camila,” with respective PIE/PIF results. The ‘high spikes’ are from P/R taking it to far above 12x or at least definitely 13x or higher. The second set is one where I turned off P/R, but set speed on CopytoDVD at 8x and got some of my best results

Camila PIE (Max speed, A/S, P/R on)
max-231 (total 232798)

max-2 (total 850)

Hidalgo (8x, A/S on, P/R off)
max-7 (total 15930)

max-1 (total 110)

Any suggestions on how I might be able to get P/R to lower the speed closer to 12x on these YUDENS? Otherwise, I’m stuck with either P/R controlling the speed or using CopytoDVD from VSO to set it at 8x and disable P/R. I thought these results in both cases are good (but in the latter excellent), but those T/A test results confuse me as to why they are usually “Not Good,” but if I put in something I burned with my Pioneer DVR-108, they at least come up with either all sections at least “Good” (5/3) and many others even “Very Good” (5/4).

I know it’s a lot at once, but I’ve already been reading these posts for over 3 hours… while I’ve gleaned some good information, I’m still confused about my results with burning under P/R because of the seemingly contradictory TA results being usually “Not Good” if I burn them in my Plextor. Any and all help so I can understand this will be great. :iagree: