PX-716A Finally Selling on Newegg.com



Hey Everybody,

Thought you might be interested to note that the PX-716A is finally selling on Newegg.com :iagree: As of today, 12/18/04, it is selling on the front page for $99.99 (after the $30 mail in rebate). Hopefully, now that the drives are being carried by other online sites we will see a difference in quality!

Just my two cents,

ImBAD :smiley:


Plextor PX-716A in the US is cheaper than Lite-On SOHW-1653S in South Korea. :sad: Also cheaper than ND-3500A.


Anybody knows if it’s the 0202 revision?


No idea, but becacuse they just started selling them, I imagine they are 0202. You might try emailing Newegg.com customer service and asking them if you are not sure.

ImBAD :iagree:


hehe i tried, stil didnt get any answer but ill have the drive from the EGG tomorrow!!! ill let u guys know


ah yes, the drive is here, and it is TLA 0202! and i just upgraded the firmware from 1.02 to 03

what shall i do?


got any 16X rated media?

congrats on your new drive…hope it works out.


i got a 16x verbatim that came with it…


ill give ya the media code in a minute,
haha i just backed up Napoleon Dynamite in 10 minutes and 36 seconds with a Ritek03@ 8x ! haha encoded and burnt! damn!


Damn newegg just raised the price on it by 20 bucks, just as I was about to order… :x


Yeah, it was a nice steal at $99.00


PC Connect has them for $69 after rebates, but they are not yet in stock. Don’t know which revision, but since they are not yet in stock, there’s a good chance they’re 0202.


Newegg raised again. It’s now $146.99 - $30. Www.chiefvalue.com has them for $129.99 - $30 rebate and in stock.

Personally, I’ll just keep the one I got from BB and return the one I’ll get from PC Connection to BB once it arrives.


No it won’t work. When you buy the drive from bestbuy, the receipt shows the serial number. Same with newegg and probably other stores too. So if you return the drive with different serial number, they wont accept it.


Actually, it will work fine. I’ll put the BB drive back into the box and return. Then keep the PC Connect unit. No problems. Been there done that!


In that case it will work but before you said: “I’ll just keep the one I got from BB and return the one I’ll get from PC Connection to BB once it arrives.” :confused:


No prob. Just wanted to shorten a long story. Although, I can’t find any serial # on my receipt and I watched BB scan the UPC, not the TLA and S/N.


Well then that seems like a pretty good reason to screw BB… Geeeez!


Well, it’s not the first time BB has/will been/be screwed. Also, not the last they have done the same.

Apparently they are still making money because they keep posting profits per NYSE!


Their profitability has nothing to do with it. :frowning: Try robbing a bank, they’re profitable too! I don’t have a horse in the race and I’m neither a BB or Plextor fan! You must be new here, if you look at the wide range of forum topics you won’t find one titled: “How To Screw Your Retailer”………. ‘nuff said.