PX 716A does not recognize pressed Video DVD

my PX716A normally works flawless, but today I encountered a strange problem: I inserted a pressed DVD (Video) which plays perfect on my standalone player. The disc is new and without any scratches whatsoever. However, the PX716A does not recognize it - it does not spin up like usual and after a long while I get two amber blinks from the drive. In DVD Decrypter it says “tracking servo error”. What is going on here? All my other Video DVDs are recognized without any problem, but this one always fails. It does not have copy protection and is region free.
Unfortunately the PX716A is my only DVD drive. Has anyone an idea what I could do to make the drive recognize the disc?

If all your other pressed DVDs work, and this is the only one that does not, the disc is bad. Ok in your player, but probably does not meet specs close enough for the DVDR. Return the disc to the vendor for a replacement. If the disc won’t initialize, there is nothing you can do to recognize the disc except get a replacement.

Had same problem, but with ALL dual layer pressed disks. Had two drives, even s/n was sequential, one recognized all of them OK, another - not one of 7 different DL DVD-ROMs, but both had no problems with single-layer DVD-ROMs.

Forgot to mention: the bad one was returned for replacement…

Thanks for your input! I tried it again today, and after several trials the drive finally recognized the disc and I was able to extract it without problems, although the drive had to slow down on some positions. A PIF scan showed quite a lot of PIFs (19780), but the max was 4; a PIE scan looked not great as well, but was well within the specs. Also beta/jitter curve was OK. Still wonder what makes this disc so “marginal” in the eyes of my PX 716A, as it really works like a charm in my standalone player…