PX-716A disk tray concerns

I just got my PX-716A today through newegg.com and the drive is really great, I’ve burned 4 DVDs with no problems.

Anyway… I’m posting 'cause of a concern I have about the disk tray. Whenever the tray opens it comes out pretty smooth and then not so smooth more than half way through of it opening. I can’t really explain it that good, so included a video to show what I’m talking about.

I don’t know if it’s normal or not, so I’ll need some feedback, so I can exchange it before it’s too late.

Alright… I guess it the drive tray thing is common. I just found another thread on it.


I haven’t seen anyone mention this before, but mine does the exact same thing as yours. Seems like it slows down when it gets halfway out.

That’s intentional. You should look at it from a wow-that’s-a-really-expensive-drive-it-even-slows-down-the-tray-at-the-end-of-opening-that’s-impressive point of view. :bigsmile:

Mine does the same. You can change that in Plextools.

… same here … don’t worry :wink:

++++++11111111 :bigsmile:

@ tpizarro: you should have read the FAQ :stuck_out_tongue:

The tray of my Plextor drive seems to be quite slow, is this normal?

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Yes, as G@M3FR3@K’s link mentions, PlexTools can help with this. I have Quiet Mode enabled on both of my 716 drives (but with the fastest settings). One thing I noticed is that doing so completely got rid of the “move to one side” behavior when the tray ejects. I credit YSS for making that discovery known (to me at least).

. . . Had a good laugh with this response.

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