Px-716a cooling

i want to help subj burner sustain steady 12x dvd burning throughout project burn. burner downshifts to 4x after roughly 50% project completion. i suspect spindle motor driver is being forced to downshift by thermal protective supervisory safeguards.

has anyone actually looked at how high current carrying components are cooled within the unit? i can clearly see a conspicuous sticker “void factory warranty if seal broken”.

from my previous experience with sony playstations, the heat producing chips are provided with a heat conduction pad to the sheet metal housing to dissipate heat. this greatly enhances reliability and longevity. once semiconductors are subjected to elevated temperatures (105 celsius) , tendency is for them to leak current (somewhat “wounded”).

any response will greatly be appreciated.

If you look at the bottom of the drive you will see square and rectangular indentions pressed in the metal. These correspond with the position of the main LSI and subsudiary electronics as well as transistors. It’s the very same concept that you described for the Sony. The whole case acts as a radiator for cooling. You can see pictures of the PCB with components here:

Plextor usually asks that the temperature of the working evironment for it’s drives should not pass 40 degrees celsius (you’ll find this in the manual, it can be downloaded at www.plextor.com/english ). Maybe installing an extra fan that blows air at the low-side of the drive can help.

thanks for responding.
there are metal plates still installed in the remaining frontals of the lower unused 5.25" bays of the mid tower. do you think i should remove these radiation shields to permit air circulation to the underside of the plextor?
i am really wondering if the spindle motor driver chip or the motor itself is invoking thermal protective safeguards by down-speeding.
or, am getting concerned over nothing?
please tell me if that motor is suppose to high speed all the way through during a full capacity dvd image to dvd data burn evolution.
i will figure a way to keep the unit cooled if there really is a thermal congestion problem. there are tiny louvers on the rear. that means the motor in there needs some minimal cooling. usually there’s suppose to be an influent port somewhere but i can’t see
any comments would help.

Yes, that could help airflow. Temperature is an issue when bruning. However if it really applies i doubt it is the spindle motor but rather the laser itself. You might check something else first. See below.

If everything is ok, yes it is. However there are two other things that could cause a slowdown. The main thing is writing quality and the other temperature. Temperature will also influence quality so they are connected.

Writing quality can depend on many things. The drive monitors quality in real time (this function is calles PoweRec) and slows down and/or changes the writing strategy if it seems necessary.

So experiencing slowdowns can be temperature related or have other causes. Other causes are mainly in the media that are used. Let’s therefore also check the quality of the media you are using. Who sells them (whats on the packaging) and who made them (what ADIP)? The FE/TE-Test in Plextools let’s you check the mechanical quality of a disc (flatness and centering of the pregroove). Please report what you are finding.

The 716 is a first generation 16x writer that likes to slow down the writing process if the slightest ‘problem’ arises. So using good quality media is a must for reaching high speeds.

i purchased 16x -r dvd memorex 50count sale at radioshack 9dollars. the dvd blanks are light grey on their topside. the program is roxio7. the sustained burn maximum was 13x until about 2/3 through yesterday, then spindle speed reduced and burn rate was 4x. the 4.3gb overall duration was about 6minutes. the burner firmware is 1.11. i just bought it new from a canadian at 1.05 firmware but after carefully removing the tampering seal to inspect internal evidence of suspected use, i identified dust (meaning canadian falsified description new). i carefully vacuumed away all internal dust and teflon regreased indicated factory areas. there is just about enough room internally to mount a micro fan (used in hobbies) to exhaust internal heat outwards through that rear end louver penetration. however, i was contemplating precision cutting a better penetration there for a little larger exhaust fan like those on industrial backup tape drives and scsi yamaha burners, though the motor radiated noise might prove detrimental to internal any sensitive circuitry. i hooked up an external firewire LG burner (chunky looking white unit)and it completes the same image to data burn under 4minutes. i will purchase today another 16x dvd-r media from compusa (sony?) and test results, then report back to you, prior to modifying any cooling of px-716a (as it may not be a cooling issue). thanks for you advice.

correction: the radio shack dvd -r 16x blanks are tdk not memorex. yesterday i purchase sony 16x dvd -r blanks and obtained very poor results burning the 4.3gb image to data disc. it took about 15 minutes to complete and the finished product hangs the px-716a drive in the reading mode (yellow read led does not eventually come to a halt util you press eject, no operating system error given). is the px-716a confused that it was familiarized with tdk blanks and then suddenly exposed to sony blanks? i received a roxio warning to utilize the same blank media to create image to disk evolution. it rejected the sony blank. so i rebooted and attempted again. it allowed the sony blank as legitimate media. the hard drive image was created by roxio from the tdk 4.3gb data dvd disk. that tdk dvd disk reads okay in the operating system. i am wondering if i have to copy out the data data contents from the tdk onto the hdd, then burn that to a sony, then create an image of that sony to the hdd, then restore that hdd image to a sony blank in order for the restored image on the sony to be readable by the operating system. if the equipment and software can not do this, then i should reload the software and reattempt same (eliminating any suspect soft corruption). could the sony blanks be too advanced for the 1.11 firmware? any help would be appreciated.