Px 716a: can write cd but not read ?!?

Hi everybody,

I got a strange problem with my px 716a (which is a replacement drive, since I did an RMA a year ago with my first 716a … ):

It’s no problem to read and write DVDs, and to write CDs, but it’s impossible to read CDs for me.

I already read some other thread where another user could read and write DVDs but do nothing with CDs (or vice versa). He was told that the writing head for CDs was damaged, so it was time to buy a new drive.

But in my case, I can still write CDs (that can be read by another drive I got in my box).

I just ran that drive-test, but I don’t get my CD back after this test. LED is blinking orange three times. Don’t know what that code means, but it really seems to be damaged.

So I’m just here to ask if anyone of you had a similar problem ? And perhaps a solution ?

If not, I’m going to buy another drive (not a Plextor), since I just don’t want to do another RMA for a replacement drive that dies after another year …

Some hardware specs of my box:
Asus A8N SLI deluxe motherboard
AMD Athlon X2 4800+ CPU
1024MB RAM
The px716a shares the IDE Channel as master with a Creative 5x DVD-rom as slave (that i bought used in 1999 from a friend. it’s up an running fine until today for more than 7 years now …)


after trying around with most of my cd’s, I found 1 (in words: one) cd that is working ! An about 8 years old, scratched and dirty cd …
So the reading function is not fully gone yet. I tried out a cleaning dvd, but with no success.

Any other guesses what I could try ?

It is just the beginning of the dying-process. If U´ve still warantly, try to rma it, maybe you´ll get a PX755 back from Plextor…

It is just the beginning of the dying-process.

this is so true … I’m currently sitting here with my 716A which doesn’t read discs anymore … man I’m soooo pissed right now …

Amber 3 blink is an unknown code. The blink codes says it is not used.

Did you bother to do the self test? This will confirm if you have a bad drive.