Px-716a buffe level on device help?!..please

why is my buffer level going from 100% to 0% an up an down…this slows my burns please help me.

hp pavillion a250n
p.4 h.t 2.6ghz
512mb ram
120gb hardrive
px-716a 1.05
hp dvd writer 3.20(retired no longer on pc)

did you check if dma is enabled?

yeah its enabled its at ultra mode 4

i have emailed plextor on the 716 hoping to get an answer why the burner fails to respond to certain cerumstances where it shouldn’t be locked…

hopefully it’s not an issue with the burner being propritary… which would suck

the only thing i can think of on your comp which would cause the burning buffer to flux that much would be if you reformatted your os… and never installed intel drivers (assumming intel could be sis also… and if recent via) drivers

this would make a big differance since ms drivers are just stripped generic drivers which were never ment to operate your hardware.

ok…thanx but it seems as if everthing is back to normal thanx for your help