PX-716A Autostrategy database empty, 'Create Strategy' disabled




The Autostrategy functionality on my Plextor PX-716A 1.11 unit seems to be having a problem. The below comments relate to using Plextor Plextools Professional XL v3.16 with this drive.

  1. The ‘Added Write Strategies’ panel is empty (no entries)
  2. The ‘Create Strategy’ button is grayed out, and does not launch a disc test when pressed (to no effect)
  3. It will execute a ‘Autostrategy | Media Quality Check’
  4. It executes all the Q-check tests correctly.
  5. A PX-760A 1.07 functions correctly with Autostrategy in all respects, and has a table of about eight different media displayed in the panel.

The unit appeared to have had some problems earlier this month burning DVDs, so I have been experimenting with other units to generate reference media. This unit reads the reference media correctly. I want to requalify this unit for service, and the Autostrategy functionality seems to be the only thing holding up putting this unit back in service.

I’ve tested this in two systems, the first under Windows XP Pro SP3, the second under Windows 2003 Server SP2. Same problem.

I’ve ‘backgraded’ the firmware to v1.08, in the hope that perhaps an earlier version would work. Same problem.

Is there something else I should try to re-enable this Autostrategy functionality, or some switch or registry setting I’ve overlooked?

Thank you in advance for your help.

– Roy Zider


AutoStrategy was kind of in its “Beta” stage with the 716A since that was the first drive it was introduced in. It really only worked with media that didn’t have strategies in the firmware and you couldn’t force it to create a strategy. It was much more refined with the 755 and 760 drives as you have noted.


[QUOTE=Two Degrees;2612190]It really only worked with media that didn’t have strategies in the firmware and you couldn’t force it to create a strategy. [/QUOTE]

Thanks for the clarification – I’ll move on from this then. But I’ve seen references to strategies in firmware. Is there any way to read them, or to find out what they are? I suppose I could inspect a bin file here or there – would that be the only way?


Plextor Europe used to have a site where you could look up media compatibility with the older drives but it’s gone now. Stick to media made with Japanese materials (Taiyo Yuden, Mitsubishi/Verbatim, Falcon Pro) as those are all supported in the firmware.


Taiyo Yuden TYG02 is my media of choice, to the extent I’ve been able to confirm everyone else’s opinion.


Yeah, AS isn’t going to work with TYG02 on the 716A. The 760A however can, and it might even be recommended to clear the entries and let the drive create a new strategy when you buy a new spindle of discs to account for batch variability.


Thanks for the confirmation, and the recommendation.

– Roy Zider