PX-716A - Any Trick To 16X -R media Rips?

Have been comparing DVR-A09 and the 716, and the “big” draw to the 716 to me is the supposedly higher rip speeds, even with -R media.

While I am getting good rip speeds (up to 12X) with +RW media,

-R media (which I deal with mostly) still “only” reads at up to 12X.

While this is good, it is no better than my A08, or the A09.

The 716 DOES rip at up to 16X with pressed DVD movies, which is nice, but I don’t do much of that. Primarily rip DVD-R made with Set-Top DVDR, for Authoring.

What am I missing ?

  • Chris

I don’t think there is any way to get the Plextor drives to rip burned media any higher than 12x.

I think your’e right - after a little more reading, it looks like 16X max was on pressed media.

It appears that only the NEC 3500 or 3520 rip -R at 16X ?

I have a liteon 166 ROM drive, but even with hacked Firmware, I think it only rips at 14X, which is “questionable” quality-wise.

  • Chris

Yep, 12x is maximum for DVDR media but the Plextor PX-712/716 are one of the few drives that support 12x for both DVD±R and DVD±RW media. Single layer pressed media can be read at 16x maximum, dual layer pressed discs at 12x. DVD+R dual layer media can be read at 8x maximum.