PX-716a and SecuROM 4.8x

Hey guys, I know this has probably been discussed before but I can’t seem to find a single piece of information about it. If you don’t feel like answering it here then please direct me to an existing thread or site about it. As I understand it, with BlindWrite and using either VariRec or GigaRec or both, you can backup your games that use this form of protection. Somebody please tell me we’ve figured out a way to do this with the PX-716a since it has all the features of the Plex Premium. Thanks.

Sorry mate… have you checked the Copy Protection forum? They should have something in there…

I seem to recall it involved getting the image with Alcohol 120%, running Twinpeaks on the result and then feeding it into BlindWrite but since I’ve only had a 716A for a month I haven’t been able to play with it that much :slight_smile:

Ahh, here it is:

Oh, cool. I haven’t seen that guide before. Yeah, I know about Twinpeak/Twincreator, have for a while now. I was just hoping that the 716a would do the duty of a DVD burner + Premium. Thanks though.