PX-716A and Prodisc CD-Rs



Hello everybody,

This is weird, I’ve burned quite a few Audio CDs (with Text) on Prodisc CD-Rs with a TLA #0304 FW 1.08 drive and they all work fine in my car’s CD changer and on other devices…but they don’t work on the Plextor, the same drive that burned them. I tried using Nero, Roxio, and PlexTools Pro to burn them; lowered the write speeds…basically had the same results. When I put the CD-Rs in, after a while the amber LED blinks twice…“auto adjustment failed.” I’ve tried using a Verbatim/MCC CD-R and that worked, then I tried some cheap ass GQ/Lead Datas and 3 out of 5 CD-Rs worked…the two bad CD-Rs had the same “auto adjustment failed” fault.

I ran the self-diognostic test twice; once with a Verbatim (good) and once with a Prodisc (bad).

So my question is…because it failed the self-diagnostic test with the Prodisc CD-R, should I exchange it for another unit even though it passed with the Verbatim? Plextor’s website doesn’t seem to have a list of compatible CD-Rs to test this drive. Could the problem be a bad batch of Prodisc CD-Rs? Anyone else have problems reading Prodisc CD-Rs?


Here’s some additional info if it helps:

I’m using Windows XP Pro SP2, AMD Athalon XP 2600, 1.25GB of RAM, using Microsoft drivers for the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers.

The PX716A is connected on the secondary IDE channel, set as Master.
Ultra DMA Mode 4


This is strange…after running a few CDSpeed tests on some older CD-Rs, I went back and tried one of those bad GC CD-Rs and the burner recognized it! WTF?! So then I tried to read some Prodisc CD-Rs and I got the same double-blinking-amber light fault as before. I tried reading that one GC CD-R again this time it didn’t work…again same fault. Damn it!! So I guess my PX-716A doesn’t like Prodiscs or Great Quality/Lead Data CD-Rs.

I’ll try burning and reading a couple other brands before I decide to exchange it or not. At least I’m still able to burn CD-Rs for my car! I’ve read all those other posts where people aren’t able to burn cds at all, and having to exchange their unit 3 or 4 times?! What kind of $hit is that?? That sucks.


it looks like your drive is o’key, it just doesn’t like Prodisc CD-Rs. I doubt that your burned audio discs are fine (in case of audio extraction on another drive) …


Screw this drive, I just tried the self-diagnostic test with a Maxell and Fujifilm that I bought at Fry’s (both Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs) and both discs failed. I burned an audio CD with the Maxell and the drive couldn’t read it after it wrote it. I’ve already contacted Plextor so hopefully I can get a replacement as soon as possible.


I e-mailed Plextor about a week ago and still no response. Do they usually take this long write back??? :a My drive has been in the box, packed-up and ready to go.