PX-716A and Premium combo... worth it?

I’m considering buying both the 716A and a Plextor Premium, in the hope of achieving top quality reading and writing of CD’s and DVD’s!
At the moment i’m using a Lite-on 52x CDRW and PX-116A DVDROM.
Do you guys have any opinions on whether its a good idea to go out and buy both those drives, or should I just stick to the 716A and hope that its CD read/write capability is on par with the Premium or stick with my Lite-On together with the 716A?
I’m planning on making the purchase next week!


Go for the Premium, avoid the 716! There are much better DVD burners out there but you can’t beat the Premium.

CD Freaks recently made a review for PX 716A, http://www.cdfreaks.com/article/170
I am sure it will help you in your decision. Being an owner of both Plextor machines I must say that for the Premium have no doubts at all. It’s the best CD-RW out there. For the 716A if you feed it with quality media you will have no problems as well (qualitywise). Pretty soon with official firmware upgrade it will burn at higher speeds DL DVDR’s and will be supporting the -R’s at the same time. On the other hand you can find cheaper DVD-RW’s like NEC, ( I have also the NEC 3500AG and I am very-very pleased with it) and BenQ that will offer you excellent quality with less money.
Your choice my friend! :slight_smile:

i’m fixed on the plextor brand, i’m sure things will improve with future firmware. maybe i should rephrase the question: does the 716A have equal or near-equal CD read/write capabilities as the Premium?
if not, then would the Premium be a worthwhile upgrade over my current Liteon 52x24x52 CDRW?
either way, i’m going to buy the 716A, as i’m tired of sharing my father’s 708A :slight_smile:

My PX-716A performs very well with CD-R media. The Premium does support faster speeds though but the difference is minimal. The Premium can also back-up the latest SecuRom protected games, something the PX-716A can’t do. But, if you’re just going to burn some CD-R discs I see no reason why you need to buy an addition Premium drive. Just my €0.02 :wink:

i mainly look to rip high quality audio cd’s, using EAC or plextools, and to make 1:1 backups of audio cd’s. so cdr burn quality and reading error correction is very important to me. speed is not. i don’t ‘backup’ games any more, so securom doesn’t concern me… i can always use my fathers PX-40TS for that :p.

That’s US$300.

Is $300 too much? lol.
It would cost me about $305 for both.
I have no choice of cheaper Plextor CDRW, since the Plextor distrib here in South Africa only has the Premium :frowning:

Jow, I would suggest you try 716a first and later if you need better CD writer than buy the Premium, unless there’s a chance that Plextor Premium in your area is going to be sold out. :stuck_out_tongue:

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What is the situation in South Africa regarding dvd/cd burners market? Do stores carry BenQ 1620, NEC 3500/3520, LG 4163B also? Price? How about blank DVD/CD media? Do they carry quality media such as Taiyo Yuden and MCC003/MCC004 (Verbatim 8x/16x) which burns excellent in 716a.

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All those drives are available here, but there are very few importers, little stock. It is expensive to buy via retail, so all the guys like me manage to get access to the importers/distributors, thus saving 10-30%. For example, the NEC 3500 retail is $130! The DW1610 retail is $92!
Media is my biggest problem. There’s a lot of trash here. Verbatim is the only top quality media available, but the product range is limited and expensive. 2.4x dvd+r dl 5 pack is $67. 8x dvd+r verbatims are available… at almost $1.70 a piece :(… no 16x around yet. So you get the point, its damn expensive here! I think the importers just make huge mark-up and there is a very small market… although 40million population.

If I could manage to import some Taiyo Yuden media into the country, then me and a few enthusiasts would be very happy, but the shipping costs usually outweight the package cost!

That’s going to be hard. I learned a phrase: trash in -> trash out [crap in -> crap out]. But hopefully, by time, the AutoStrategy/Intelligent recording feature is mature enough to help a little bit.