px-716A and Nero Drive Speed



Do you know why I can’t change the drive read speed using NERO Drive Speed utility? I had no problem doing this with NEC drive. Is there any way to unlock the DVD read speed?


via plextools (check Enable SpeedRead) or, with an empty tray, hold down the eject button for 3 seconds (until the LED blinks 3 times) then release and load the DVD you want to rip.


Thanks for your advise but no matter what I do, the read speed seems to be fixed at 12X. It doesn’t seem to change…:frowning:


What kind of disc is it? Commercial pressed DVD-ROMs will read at 16x but not DVD±R.


just to add to Two Degrees info above - 716 can read [B]single-layer[/B] pressed DVD-ROM @ 16x and [B]double-layer[/B] pressed DVD-ROM at max 12x.

SL recordable media can be read at max 12x and DL at max 8x.