PX-716A and MCC003 (Verbatim) made in India

Hiya all

I would like your input on the behaviour of MCC003 dvd’s made in India.
Its the first time I received spindels of Verbatim media made in India.
Until now I always had verbatims made in Taiwan. (which all were just fine)
The ones from India are not that good unfortunately.
First of all the media quality check from Plextools gives me the message as shown below.
At all speeds it says that the media is of poor quality.
I have randomly tried 10 dvd’s from the 50, with all the same result…

Not completely discouraged I burned 5 of the dvd’s at several speeds.
6x and 8x give the best results.

The PIE graphs are not as good as from the Verbatims MIT (which all had a max of < 10).
But I dont mind the lil bit higher PIE, aslong as the PIF-graph looks good which it does!

The main problem with these dvd’s is that the 716A has to spin up 3 to 5 times when it has to access the data on the dvd. The plextor seems to have trouble recognizing the dvd. When inserting a dvd it takes at least 50 seconds for the drive to recognize and read it.

Any ideas about the reason of this strange behaviour?


Plextor PX-716A
FW 1.08
MCC003 (Verbatim) DVD+R 8x made in India
Burned @ 8x

your burn looks quite good from the scans you posted…

re: the time it takes to recognize the DVD - make sure you have the read speed set to 5-12x in Plextools and enable SpeedRead - both can be found in the Drive Settings section under the first 2 tabs…

Thanks for your reply.

The read speed setting in Plextools was already set at 5-12X.
I ticked the box to enable “Readspeed” that however didn’t chance anything.
But then again the data I burned onto the dvd was just general data, not some encrypted movie or anything like that.

The only indication I got that these Indian Verbatims might be causing some kind of problem, was the outcome of the Media Quality Check as shown in my first post.
I have never had any brand dvd that would give me the info:
“The drive may fail to optimize parameters due to poor characteristics of this media” on every speed… (Not even the darn Ritec’s R03 02 (Fuji) DVD+R 8x, I got the other day)
These Ritecs however are recognized with the first spin-up after inserting them.
(all my other dvds I got of different brands are recognized immediately as well)

Looking at the burn-results of the Indian verbatims, have you any idea why Plextools tells me “The drive may fail to optimize parameters due to poor characteristics of this media” at every speed?


no prob :smiley:

i would recommend runnning the FE/TE test on a blank disc…this will show you how well (or poorly) the drive keeps the laser’s focus and tracking on the disc…post the result here and perhaps it’ll show something not apparent in the other scans…

Ι also have almost the same graphs with my India MCC03 when i try to record them at 12X .
With the 716A i can manage to make a perfect 8X write (PI below 5 all the time) .

It seems that you god a not so good batch .

MCC003 marked as Platinum DVD+R 16x are quite good recorded @ 4x and 8x with 716A. I think Verbatim selling same media

FWIW – I wish I had such scans … With whatever medium I have … :slight_smile:

thanks again for thinking with me :slight_smile:

I picked out 4 dvd’s and scanned them for “Focus and Tracking errors”
with 3 of them Plextools says that its ok to burn at maximum speed.
If I do that then the results are quite horrendous (see the attached PIE PIF scan).

I have no idea what the “perfect” FE/TE scan looks like.
Therefor I don’t know when a scan looks perfect, good, average, bad or terrible.
What do you think when you see the FE/TE scans?

@ Stelios
According to what you wrote your Verbatims made in India seem definitely better than mine….


those are very odd burn results given decent FE/TE scans (focus error scan is pretty good though tracking errors are a bit high and volatile)…i’m not entirely sure why your drive doesn’t burn them well but i would surmise that the quality of the media isn’t up to par with CMC and Prodisc produced MCC003 from Verbatim…all i would suggest now is stay away from made in India MCC003…

FWIW, neither of my 716s burn my spindle of CMC-made Verbatim 8x DVD+R (MCC003) very well @ 12x either…at 8x they’re decent though and don’t have the 45-60 second recognition issue…

perhaps Two Degrees, zevia or another more experienced user here can provide some insight…

Some drives just don’t overspeed media well. My 716UF, for instance, pretty much butchers 8x DVD+R at 12x, no matter how good the FE-TE tests turn out. My 716A does a bit better, and my 712A does quite well with discs from the same batch.

The same applies to my (meanwhile dead and replaced) first PX-716A. It wasn’t good in overspeeding, no matter if MCC003 or even TY.

Neo- , your FE/TE tests are not so good …

I have tried about 10 disks and all give me about the same graph , except at the last 0.5GB where some disks show about 46 .

I don’t really mind that I cannot overspeed my media.
It was just a strange thing to see that the plextools FE/TE test says that the media can be written ok at the highest speed (12X) while this is absolutely not the case. As the PIE and PIF scans clearly show.

The FE/TE Scans don’t indicate serious problems (according to plextools). And except for the 3 or 4 spinups the drive needs to recognize the dvd, the burnresults at 8x are quite good when looking at the scans I made.

Have you any idea why the Media Quality Check of plextools says that the verbatims are poor quality while the all the scanresults @8x say otherwise?

I have made a couple of FE/TE scans from Verbatims MIT ( I still have a few left)
And they indeed look better that the dvd’s from India I got.
It seems that I just have “bad luck” with my Indian verbatims


Neo- ,

i believe the media quality check operates the same as the FE/TE test but only at certain intervals and not the entire disc…based on the variance in your FE/TE scans, perhaps the MQC is giving an assessment based on “bad” sections of the disc and not taking into account the relatively good parts…

that’s all i can think of really…

if the 3-5 spinups are your only issue, i’d say your much luckier than a lot of people here who’ve had much more severe issues with the quality of their 716s…

just don’t buy any more of that made in India stuff :wink:

Drpino :slight_smile:

What you said about the MQC, does make sense yep.

I luckily only got the spinup problem with these latest Indian dvd’s.

I do however have another issue with my 716A, but I’m going to write plextor about it.

Yeah I definately try to stay away from those Indian verbatims. The only way for me to get media at normal prices is to buy dvd’s from online stores, those stores dont tell me where the verbatims are made tho. I will try to contact them before I place an order.

Once again thanks for thinking along with me, appreciate that :slight_smile:


hey no problem :bigsmile:

if you feel like creating another thread with your other 716 issue, don’t hesitate…this forum provides better “tech support” than plextor more often than not…

media is such a crapshoot these days…hopefully you’ll find a reliable and honest source sooner than later :slight_smile:

Neo- , even the MCC03 i tried can’t be written properly at 12X . They give high PI’s .

You are dead right The ones made in India are complete crap. I made the mistake of buying 200 from Amazon. Some are not recognised by my Panasonic DVD. Some stop and stutter or stop completely. I will never buy any DVDs made in India again and also I intend to ask the sellers where their DVDs are made. I will try and stick to Datawrite in future.

Hi JonesBach, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

Oh, and welcome to 2005! :wink:

[quote=JonesBach;2148410]You are dead right The ones made in India are complete crap. I made the mistake of buying 200 from Amazon. Some are not recognised by my Panasonic DVD. Some stop and stutter or stop completely. I will never buy any DVDs made in India again and also I intend to ask the sellers where their DVDs are made. I will try and stick to Datawrite in future.[/quote] The MCC 003 Made in India had mixed quality; some were very good, some very bad, and a lot inbetween.

There’s plenty of Made in India DVD media today that I would prefer over Datawrite media, e.g. Verbatim, Sony & Ricoh DVD media Made in India.

Datawrite is known for having variable quality, but the decision is yours.

Hi DrageMester,

Thank you for welcoming me to the group. It is nice to be in 2005 as I only arrived in the twentieth century last week.
On Emperical evidence I have little or no problems whatsoever, ok say 1%, with all colours of Datawrite DVDs and their CDs etc. The same goes with Maxell, HP, TDK etc.
With these Verbatim discs I have achieved a failure rate of nearly 30% and that is on the first spindle of 100. I dropped my burning rate to 4 times and have used two different burners. I now look forward with keen anticipation to using the next 100 having read your post.

Best wishes,