PX-716A + 1.05 firmware upgrade

I’ve just purchased the PX-716A today. The device came with firmware v1.04 installed.

Before upgrading the firmware to v1.05, under “Device Manager | DVD/CD-ROM Drives”, it listed the device as “Plextor PX-716A”.

Now after the v1.05 upgrade, it lists the device as “CD-ROM Drive”.

Anyone else having the same issue? Thanks!

Computer Specs:

  • P4 2.53MHz (D845PESV MoBo)
  • 1GB PC2700 RAM
  • WinXP Pro SP2

Did you restart after firmware upgrade?
Where did you see the device “CD-ROM drive”? Under My Computer or Device Manager?

Yes. I restarted at the end of the upgrade when it asked me to.

I also have rebooted a couple of times after.

I see “CD-ROM Drive” under Device Manager.

I see "DVD-RW Drive (Driver_Letter: ) under My Computer.

The Nero burning software is recognizing it as the correct device, however.

It should look something like this:

And the problem is?

This is what I see on mine.


Attached are screenshots of the “Driver” and “Details” tabs.

Delete the “CD-ROM Drive” under device manager and restart. WinXP will redetect and reconfigure again. Hope this helps.

It didn’t work. I right-clicked and selected uninstall.

After rebooting and logging in, the “device manager” balloon thingy popped up in the system tray and it said…

“Found new hardware…Plextor PX-716A”
then the message disappeared…and showed another message…

“Found new hardware…CD-ROM Drive”


The sequence is always like that, first “Found new hardware 'Drive/model#”, then “Found new hardware CD-ROM Drive”. It’s normal.

Can you confirm the drive under device manager?

Yes, it still showed “CD-ROM Drive”.

I tried uninstalling it again. This time, after uninstalling, I did not reboot. I selected “Scan for hardware changes” and it recognized the new hardware as the PX-716A.

This time, it worked!!! I rebooted just for kicks and it did stick (yay).

I even tried shutting the computer down. It is sticking now.

Seems odd isn’t it? Do you think there might be a problem with the device itself?


Thanks for your help!

I have one more question.

Since the drive originally came w/ firmware v1.04 installed. I’ve since flashed it with v1.05. Is it possible to downgrade back to v1.04?


Yes you could flash it back.
But if the drive comes with 1.05 it will not be able to downgrade!
More information you can see at plextor’s homepage.

Yes you can. Only drives with firmware 1.05 installed upon shipment cannot be downgraded. See this message on Plextor Europe website:

If your drive originally came with firmware V1.05 installed, it will not be possible to install a lower version of firmware. If your drive originally came with firmware lower than V1.05, it will be possible to install a lower version of firmware after upgrading to firmware V1.05.

Yes it’s odd but since your drive was working fine I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Windows always has and always will have a mind of its own :wink:

Heh. You’re probably right.

I’m not sure if the drive is working the way it should, as I’ve just got it today. I’ve only burned 1 audio cd (~79 mins) and it took 3 minutes @ 48X Imation media using Nero Ultra Edition I guess that is normal?

I saw the pretty pictures from this thread. How can I do that?

Sorry for all these newbie questions. Thanks in advance!

The thread you mentioned contains scans of DVD discs burned with the Plextor PX-716A. The discs were scanned for errors with Nero CD-DVD Speed but unfortunately this application does not support the Plextor PX-716A meaning that you would need an extra drive to perform the “Disc Quality” tests.

But, not to worry because Plextor has its own software for measuring the quality of CD and DVD media. You can use PlexTools for this (which was probably shipped with your drive) and use the so-called Q-Check functions. The C1/C2 test is for CD(-R/RW) based media and the PI/PO test is for DVD(±R/RW) based media. The PI/PO test has three options: SUM1, SUM8 and BURST. We usually do a SUM8 and a SUM1 test on this forum, using the high accuracy setting. This will provide scans like the ones in this thread. The numbers you should keep in mind are: SUM8 should not exceed 280 errors, SUM1 should not exceed 4 errors. For more info browse through the thread I just mentioned :wink: Good luck!

Will do. Thanks!

Imation is crap media. I sometimes manage to burn them at 16x. I sent an email to plextor tell them about my troubles with this media brand , they told me to use only the recommended.

try TDK. I never had problems with them and they cost almost the same.

Should the 1.05 boost the DL Minus Speed up to 6x??
On the Plextor Website was the info, that the 1.05 speed up to 6x.
But now there is only 4x