PX-716 with 1.09 do not like Ritek +R DL

Hi there:

I have just upgrade my two 716 drives to 1.09 firmware. I have recorded with both of them Ritek +R DL before the upgrade without problems (till one of the drives dead like recorder and now is only a reader drive). After the firmware upgrade both of them can’t read the Ritek +R DL burned with the 716. These DVDs are recorded with the 1.09 firmware too. Both started reading the DVD, but failed and ends blinking the led in a series of five blinks. The DVDs work perfectly in my standalone DVD player.
Plextor, are you there? If so, please, do not “fix” what works perfectly…
I think I will have to return to the 1.08 firm :frowning:

I’m surprised you had any kind of positive results with Ritek DL before 1.09; it’s not known to be quality media. I’d stick to Verbatim personally.

Ritek DVD+R DL media has never worked perfectly with any firmware. A standalone player doesn’t mean anything in that case.

Before 1.09 Ritek +R DL has worked perfectly for my. Probed in about 10 standalones. The PIE graphs shows many errors, but all DVD Videos have been reproduced without errors and were readables without error in my DVD drives. Now even the PX716 can’t read them. It is not a great “upgrade”. i know Ritek DL is not a “top of the line” product, but till now, it has been worked as spected with his limitations.

Search the forum for Ritek DL scans (including made by Plextor owners). You maybe the luckiest person on CD Freaks… :slight_smile:

Ritek DVD+R DL media has never worked perfectly with any firmware

Not true :disagree:

I also confirm, that my first, say 5 DVDs of these, where burn well on FW 1.06 and i think 1.08. From a certain point, all of them, give me errors PIE on second layer, with burns at 2,4 and 4X :a I didnt try yet this new FW 1.09, but, like someone said, this media isn`t the “TOP” ( Verbatim ), but should “work”, under such drive as Plextor :doh:

I can get here this media for € 3,00, and Verbatim still goes €5,00 or even € 9,00! :eek:

One thing, it`s not be able to burn at 16X, after, say 74% of the burn…

Another thing worse, is the lack of burn a simple DVD DL :a :a

:doh: I wonder if the folks of NEC and Benq have the same problems… :o


I have recently (in the last 1.5 weeks) burned 5/5 Ritek 2.4 +R DL (RICOHJPN-D00-01) no problem @2.4x, booktype set to ROM. I use a 716A, f.w. is 1.08. I rip and burn the .MDS image using DVDD. Playable in several standalone players.
Just received another 25 pack from newegg.

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This media isn’t “TOP”, isn’t “should work”… it simply lies in the category of crap media.
Mordorr, if you still wonder take a look here:

gary172, we’re talking about original Ritek DL media. You have Ricoh DL media which is much better (probably made by Ritek but on Ricoh’s equipment!).

Just a reminder that the MID (TYG02, RICOHJPN-D00-01 etc) indicates which company’s dye was used. The serial number on the hub indicates which company’s DVD-stamper was used…

So, “Memorex-branded MCC03” could actually be Mitsubishi Chem dye on a polycarbonate made by CMC. And it’s getting more confusing all the time… :slight_smile:

Hi Diesel!

Yes the media sucks…but even so…

Some several burns with this media, with diferent FW…

at 4X…

Now, i do see where different FW working, so my impress is that, maybe you get lucky with some media`s, but in General, the simply suck! :a

After Verbatim, in my experience Ricoh is a great media! :flower:


Now, this is a beautifull view!

Maybe next month i go try a DL, with this 1.09… :bigsmile:


A small suggestion for Mordorr and others:

If you only want to perform and post a single scan, then a Sum1 (PIF) or a Burst (PIE+POE) scan is rather more telling about the disc quality than a Sum8 (PIE) scan.

I have several discs that look pretty good if I just look at a Sum8 scan (PIE) but look much worse if PIF or POE are taken into account. I can post some examples of what I mean if anybody wants to see some proof.

Hi DrageMester!

Well, it`s a very good advice… :bow:

In my experience with PX 716, since its very rare to have PIE above 40, i dont make SUM 1 test… :stuck_out_tongue:

However, since we are talking of crap media, it makes all sense! :iagree: :bigsmile:


In this post in the general quality scan thread is my example of why a simple Sum8 scan is not necessarily a very good quality indicator, and that a more complete picture can be accomplished in a single scan using “Burst” scanning instead of Sum8 scanning.


Tks! I will be more carefull in the future! :iagree: