PX-716 TLA 01xx that can burn CDs at 48X well?



Is there anybody out there who owns a PX-716 of any variety (internal, external) with TLA# 01xx that can burn any brand of CD-R at 48X?

My drive burns everything OK for DVDs, etc, but CD-R at 48X results are horrible–CMC, Taiyo Yuden, etc. all fail. Please post a C1/C2 scan here if you have one.

Don’t bother posting if you have TLA 02xx or higher–there are already many examples of good burns for these, but I cannot find even one good CD-R burn at 48X (with C1/C2) using TLA0101 posted anywhere. If you know of one, please let me know!


ok, i know this isn’t exactly what you’re asking for, but it’s close and i’ll follow up with a straight 48X data burn. here’s a 716A TLA 0101 burn set at 48X. since it was on the fly from a scratched up disc, BP Rec kicked in and it ended up doing 32X.

PlexTools Professional V2.21     CD/DVD Copy
Copyright (C) 1999-2005 Plextor SA/NV
Monday, April 11, 2005

Software information
Operating system: Windows XP V5.01.2600 Service Pack 2
ASPI Manager: n/a
Description : n/a

Source Information
IDE Interface 1 ID: -  Maximum # Targets: -

Description: Secondary IDE Channel
Type       : IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers

Port Driver: atapi.sys
Provider   : 
Description:  ()
Location   : C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\atapi.sys
Version    : 
Date       : 

ID 0: PLEXTOR DVDR   PX-716A   V1.06 (S/N:140853) (0.2.37A - 7.38.29D)
Read speed: 17-40 X CAV, Jumper settings: 001
AudioCD, 1 session(s), 35 track(s), 71:02.60

Destination Information
IDE Interface 0 ID: -  Maximum # Targets: -

Description: Primary IDE Channel
Type       : IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers

Port Driver: atapi.sys
Provider   : 
Description:  ()
Location   : C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\atapi.sys
Version    : 
Date       : 

ID 0: PLEXTOR DVDR   PX-716A   V1.06 (S/N:133475) (0.9.29A - 13.26.4D)
Read speed: 20-48 X CAV, Jumper settings: 001, Buffer Underrun Proof enabled
Blank disc, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (type 3), 79:59:73

CD/DVD Copy Log
Selected write speed: 48 X
include: UPC: yes  ISRC: yes  CD+G: yes
1st session only : no
Allow Overburning : yes   Leave Disc Open: no
Audio Error Detection : disabled
-Advanced error detection disabled
-Maximum errors   : unlimited
-Allow Speed Down : no
Read Error Recovery Strategy : 1. Report Errors only (no recovery action).
Error log : C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\\CDCopyLog_2005_4_11_17h36m12s.txt

[17:36:17]  Scanning tracks
[17:36:45]  Start Write Copy 1/1
[17:37:33]  Writing Lead In
[17:38:01]  Writing Track 1  Start:00:00.00  Length:03:18.50
[17:38:10]  Writing Track 2  Start:03:18.50  Length:03:01.37
[17:38:18]  Writing Track 3  Start:06:20.12  Length:02:24.28
[17:38:24]  Writing Track 4  Start:08:44.40  Length:01:11.40
[17:38:27]  Writing Track 5  Start:09:56.05  Length:01:08.47
[17:38:29]  Writing Track 6  Start:11:04.52  Length:01:35.28
[17:38:33]  Writing Track 7  Start:12:40.05  Length:02:53.00
[17:38:39]  Writing Track 8  Start:15:33.05  Length:01:08.70
[17:38:42]  Writing Track 9  Start:16:42.00  Length:01:16.32
[17:38:44]  Writing Track 10  Start:17:58.32  Length:01:58.50
[17:38:48]  Writing Track 11  Start:19:57.07  Length:03:13.73
[17:45:15]  Writing Track 12  Start:23:11.05  Length:01:55.07
[17:45:18]  Writing Track 13  Start:25:06.12  Length:01:47.45
[17:45:22]  Writing Track 14  Start:26:53.57  Length:01:23.28
[17:45:24]  Writing Track 15  Start:28:17.10  Length:01:07.17
[17:45:26]  Writing Track 16  Start:29:24.27  Length:01:18.08
[17:45:29]  Writing Track 17  Start:30:42.35  Length:01:56.45
[17:45:33]  Writing Track 18  Start:32:39.05  Length:03:02.37
[17:48:59]  Writing Track 19  Start:35:41.42  Length:01:39.50
[17:49:02]  Writing Track 20  Start:37:21.17  Length:00:40.35
[17:49:03]  Writing Track 21  Start:38:01.52  Length:01:01.73
[17:49:05]  Writing Track 22  Start:39:03.50  Length:02:07.07
[17:49:09]  Writing Track 23  Start:41:10.57  Length:01:57.00
[17:49:13]  Writing Track 24  Start:43:07.57  Length:01:59.63
[17:49:16]  Writing Track 25  Start:45:07.45  Length:02:49.52
[17:49:22]  Writing Track 26  Start:47:57.22  Length:00:20.25
[17:49:22]  Writing Track 27  Start:48:17.47  Length:02:38.53
[17:51:40]  Writing Track 28  Start:50:56.25  Length:00:11.09
[17:51:40]  Writing Track 29  Start:51:07.34  Length:02:21.18
[17:51:45]  Writing Track 30  Start:53:28.52  Length:01:57.20
[17:51:49]  Writing Track 31  Start:55:25.72  Length:02:17.68
[17:51:53]  Writing Track 32  Start:57:43.65  Length:04:05.32
[17:52:00]  Writing Track 33  Start:61:49.22  Length:01:26.08
[17:53:09]  Writing Track 34  Start:63:15.30  Length:02:27.32
[17:53:14]  Writing Track 35  Start:65:42.62  Length:05:19.73
[17:53:24]  Writing Lead Out
[17:53:32]  BP Rec activity: 4 occurences. (BP Counter)
[17:53:32]  Selected Write Speed            : 48 X
[17:53:32]  Maximum Media Write Speed : 32 X
[17:53:32]  Actual Last Write Speed         : 32 X   PoweRec : enabled
[17:53:51]  CD/DVD Copy completed successfully

Verbatim 52X CD-R (Mitsubishi Chem Corp Type 3 79:59:73)
c1/c2 - PX716A 0101
c1/c2 - PXPremium
read - PXPremium
FE/TE Test - PX716A 0101


Thanks, drpino. That’s enough to let me know that the CD burning part of my drive is bad, and it’s not a TLA issue. I’ll post my “monster scan” later (>20000 C2 error max every time!)


first attempt with the same media (Write Transfer Test in PT Pro 2.21) was limited to 32X by PoweRec. good result (premium doesn’t show the c2 error that the 716 does)…

48X PR OFF coming up…to be continued…

edit: glad i could help…CD burning should be a given. since i’ve finished the 48X PR OFF test (with good results) before i saw your post i’ll put up the results still anyway :bigsmile:


Plextor PX-716A - TLA 0101 (Nov '04)
FW 1.06
Mitsubishi Chemical Corp Type 3 79:59:73 - VERBATIM 52X CD-R @ 48X - 2:48
Plextools Pro 2.21 - Write Transfer Test
scans are from 716A 0101 (premium to follow)


conclusion: my PX-716A TLA 0101 is an excellent CD writer :smiley: …yours should be too.


OK. Here’s a sample burn at 48X with PowerRec ON. PowerRec did not kick in because the TE/FE on these discs are always good. Unfortunately, it seems that the CD laser cannot turn on and off above 32X, judging by the burn rate graph and the errors. I had to scan it at 4X because at 10-24X CAV, the drive aborts the scan early with an “Address out of range” message.

Bottom graph is from scanning in my Benq 1620, to see if it agrees. Its lowest scanning rate was 12X, so results were even worse (yes, the scale on the bottom is in the 200000’s!).

I tried burning these discs in my Benq 1620 also, and burns are fine, so I know it’s not the media–my drive’s CD laser driver is bad. Dangit! For all the media I’ve wasted, I wish Plextor would send me a stack of discs with my RMA!