PX 716 firware upgrade erro

I just bought a PX716A drive and it came with firmware version 1.3. I wanted to upgrade to version 1.4 so downloaded everything necessary but when i try to flash the rom i get an error 40 06 F6. What does it mean??

try redownloading the FW updater, could be corrupted. i’d flash right after a clean reboot too.

thanks for replying but i’ve downloaded it twice and i’ve also tried the embedde version (.exe which cointeins the firmware and updater together) and separeted version.

im sorry that didn’t work. how do you have the drive setup? is it a master with no other IDE devices on the channel? if it’s not, try reconfiguring it as the Master drive. im sorry i can’t be of more assistance, i haven’t experienced that problem yet. i hope your drive’s ROM chip isn’t bad…

It’s master and i have a philips DVD reader as slave on the same channel

hmm, can you flash to other versions of the FW besides 1.04? try downgrading to 1.02. if that fails, most likely it’s the drive’s ROM (unfortunately).

Does your new 716a work normally? I bought one and got the same error when updating the firmware and it couldn’t read CDs/DVDs well. I found out that in my BIOS the IDE speed was set to UDMA-4. Lowering this to UDMA-2 solved the problem. My computer uses an 40 wired IDE-cable and those do not support UDMA-4 transfers. With an 80 wired IDE cable I then could go back to UDMA-4 without any problems.

thanks everybody, i discovered that i need to turn DMA off before trying to upgrade. Now i have version 1.4, but i have a lot of problems with video DVD