PX-716 DVD's won't play in my LG DVD Player

Hello - I wonder if someone can help or comment on my problem. I am fairly clueless at this DVD burning lark.

Basically the problem is this. I just bought (today) a new LG DR-4912 DVD recorder to go with my home cinema setup. I’m very pleased with it, apart from one thing: It refuses to play any DVD+R’s burned on my PX-716A :frowning:

I have only tried one type of disk - that’s all I have. These are Verbatim DataLifePlus 4x (MCC 002’s), which the Plextor burns perfectly at 8x. Excellent quality burn with very low error counts. Reads perfectly in the Plextor drive.

But these just won’t play AT ALL in the LG DVD player. The strange thing is, they will play perfectly in my other DVD player (Tag McLaren). And also strange - the LG will play the same Verbatim Datalifeplus disks that I burned on an old Optorite DVD burner. So its not that the LG has a problem with the DataLife 4x disks - only those burned using the Plextor drive.

I have tried 1.05 and 1.06 firmware, but it made no difference.

Does anyone know why this is happening? And how to fix it? Or is it just “one of those things” and I should just try some different media and give up with the Verbatims. (Trouble is, I have a lot of them!)

Any comments?

Thanks very much


did you bitset to dvd-rom?

Yes, I did.




since the player is compatible with +R/RW have you tried NOT bitsetting to dvd-rom?

I thought that setting it to “dvd-rom” type was going to be the most compatible format, so I haven’t tried NOT setting it. I will give that a go.



that’s the theory, but it doesn’t hurt to try without bitsetting…especially considering your LG is capable of both reading and writing to +R/RW.

Well it works! Thank you :slight_smile:

For some strange reason the LG won’t play DVD+R’s that are bit-set to DVD-Rom. If I leave them as DVD+R’s, then they play fine. Is this unusual?

The only irritating thing about this is that my (very very difficult) Tag McLaren DVD Player will only play DVD-Rom bit-set DVD+R’s. And nothing else.

So I have to decide which target machine I want to burn a disk for. Bit set to DVD-Rom for the Tag and NOT bit set for the LG. This is a bit of a pain.


well at least you/I (:p) figured out the issue…but you said the LG plays those DVDs burned in your Optorite drive…i assume that drive is incapable of bitsetting?

In my experience it is very unusual for a player to only play DVD+R if they are not bit-set to DVD-Rom. Your tests with your LG seen to suggest this but can I ask you one question? Do the two DVD+R discs (one bitset to DVD-ROM an the other not) tested in the LG have the exact same content, perhaps burned from the same image?

Just trying to rule out the possibility of one of the discs somehow having only ISO/Joliet and no UDF file system. Some players will play such a disc, others will not.

I know what you mean about the Tag McLaren player - a VERY fussy beast!

Bisturbile - yes, its the same disk image. One burned with bit set to Dvd-rom: doesn’t work. Set to DVD+R: works.

Very odd.


EDIT: Sorry, DRPINO, I missed your question…

Correct: the old Optorite drive knew nothing about bit setting. All the burns from that drive are DVD+R’s (and they all work in the LG player)


odd problem indeed. sounds like you’ll need 2 copies of every movie you burn - one for the LG player and one for the Tag. wouldn’t bother me as i burn 2 copies of everything anyway but for some that may not be the case.