Px-716 dvd burn-rip OK but no cds...help



it’s a px-716a tla #304 , jan 2005 that came from plextor.be after i rma the previous drive which couldn’t burn or read cds or dvds at all!!! So they send me back this one and was using it for a month or so with f/w 1.04 but didn’t use it to read or burn any cd just for dvds . Thought everything was A ok…
Then when yesterday tryed to burn a cd , the drive didn’t recognise it , tested it with oneother empty cd …same there… Then i put an allready pressed cd (mobo drivers) and couldn’t even read it…The drive still reads and burns dvds but not a single cd … flashed with f/w 1.05 then f/w 1.06 same results…
what should i do ???


When you put the disc in, does the LED blink and then go green after about 10-15 sec or does it give a blink error? If it goes green, the disc has initialized and can be read by the drive. Try the self test with a good brand CD-R disc. This will tell you write/read/verify and will spit the disc out after about 9-10 minutes if it is good. If it passes the self test, you got something else going on.


You may be jumping the gun a bit too fast…

I know with my 716A, If I wait a bit till all the blinking stops,
and I mean the plex and also my p/c, I don’t have any read problems…
sometimes it takes 15 seconds or more .
Open whatever software you need after all settles down then see what happens…


PX716A F/W 1.06 =Read/write cd"s fine. I took about 15 secs. Then my music player opened. All seems well w/1.06


the problem is not only in cd writing byt in allready written cds also… and i mean the drive cant read any cds at all blank or written or even pressed cds that i got from varius hardware … mobos , vga , pci cards etc…
Aftrer inserting the cd and 10-20sec of waiting the drive to be ready (yellow light)…the drive starts blinking every 2-3 sec in orange light…and when i try to open the drive from win… explorer i get an IO eror.
Theese things do not happen with dvds of any kind but only with cds!!!

It is not my first drive … I’ve been arround a litle … also got lg 4081 , nec 2500@dl ,nec3500 , pioneer 108 ,and recently LOL!!! plextor 716a .

Allready RMAed the first which couldn’t read or write at all cds or dvds and got back a replacement unit from plextor.be…this one (px-716a tla #304 , jan 2005 )…i 'm fedup with plextor… doupt that i could trust them any more…making my day this way


Ype there is something wrong with your second drive - most likely the CD laser pickup assembly is faulty. If you bothered to use the search function of this forum, you would see quite a few reports of this problem.