PX-716 1.05 vs 1.06

Is it only me that’s had problems with 1.06 firmware. Burned a few DVD+R’s now with 1.06 that just will not read on my home DVD player.

Flashed back to 1.05 and burn the same media (Verbatim Datalife Plus 4x DVD+R’s, burnt at 8x) and they play just fine.

What have Plextor done to mess this up?


Honestly I had no problems with 1.06 yet!
Try a scan of the burned disc.

Have you checked if the discs can play in other players and/or your Plextor itself? You’re the first to report this problem with Verbatim media so I’m sure your problem is not related to firmware 1.06. Have you, for instance, disabled the BitSetting option? A scan of the burned disc would be very welcome as rapid fire suggested.

As I mentioned in an earlier thread, I seemed to have had problems with firmware 1.06 when I burnt audio cds with the Plextools. The drive would not eject the disc and instead “turn wild” and block all ide channels. Returning to firmware 1.05 seems to have solved the problem. Just my two cents.