PX-712sa won't work



I have an asus K8v SE deluxe motherboard and AMD Athalon 64 proccessor. I have updated firmware and the drive still will not recoganize any cd’s or dvd’s. I need help!!! Anyone have any suggestions? I am all EARS. :sad:


I think you’re out of luck since, based on what I could find, your motherboard uses a VIA VT8237 southbridge controller and this chipset does not support S-ATA optical drives such as your Plextor. Also, your motherboard has a Promise RAID controller, another problem since Promise is known not to work with S-ATA optical drives. I don’t know if since these problems were reported a new BIOS version has been released for your motherboard that addresses the S-ATA incompatibility issues but to me it looks like you will have to either exchange your S-ATA drive for an ATAPI model, switch motherboard or add a PCI based S-ATA card (one that actually supports S-ATA optical drives).

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Thanks for the help. What kind of burner doe you suggest with this motherboard?


Make sure you have the latest VIA drivers for mobo off viaarena.com, heard of few people getting it working with newer drivers.



That did not help out at all.


The chipset SATA ports do not support optical drives; you’re SOL. On a side note stop buying VIA products, it just encourages crap. On another note, I should stop buying nvidia products as it just encourages crap.


Tell us the “flash sequence”(color mode) when you insert software or game or a legal dvd. My Plexy went bad and had to send back as it wouldn’t recognize dvd media. My flash sequence color mode was 50-50 seconds flashing yellow then 1-2 seconds interval flashing orange or green. Drive was toast and Plexy sent me a new one in 5 shipping days. :clap:


According to Asus website, the K8V SE Deluxe supports SATA.
Asus K8V SE Deluxe


Thanks and all for that amazing update but there’s a difference between supporting SATA and supporting SATA spec properly. The VIA chipset in this mobo does not support SATA opticals, end of story.


umm, the K8V has two controllers, the Via 8237 and the Promise…AFAIK, the Via controller supports ATAPI and the Promise DOES NOT…make sure you’re hooking the SATA drive up to the Via controller and not the Promise one…


Where did you read this about that VIA chipset (remember its the first revision on that board)?



there is a difference between K8T800 and K8T800Pro but the southbridge is the same AFAIK (V8237)…there has been a motherboard BIOS update that updates the SATA controller BIOS i believe…


Interesting, I stand corrected if that’s true, but VIA is still crap :wink:


Took my Plexy PX-712SA to my pc shop and hooked it up to a Asus K8V SE Deluxe mobo and the drive runs fine. :stuck_out_tongue: VIA is better than you think it is!


nice, thanks for the info Shoebedobedoo…

i’ve had no issues with my Via chipsets other than crappy OC’ing…


Interesting. Glad for the owners that VIA didn’t screw the pooch as usual.


there is a difference between K8T800 and K8T800Pro but the southbridge is the same AFAIK (V8237)…there has been a motherboard BIOS update that updates the SATA controller BIOS i believe…
The southbridge is not the same perse’, the the difference between the 800 and the 800 Pro is the the v8237 you have the v8237 and the v8237r, both of which support both the 712SA and 716SA without any problems what so ever. My Soltek is a pro that uses the v8237r, the bios can be set to either ide or raid, as well as my giga that uses the v8237, it to can be set in the bios for either or. The promise controller on the Soltek can be set for either or raid/ide. People are starting to make guesses now, not letting the proper information get out there. if they aren’t supported by selection in the bios of your motherboard it is they that are behind, not the chipsets.



the only apparent difference is the HyperTransport speed…i also own an Asus K8V Deluxe and an A8V Deluxe (K8T800 and K8T800Pro chipsets respectively) so i’m not “making guesses”…


So what should i do


The flash sequence on this one would go green for a little bit then flash amber all day long. Then it would display insert disc into drive. It was a perfectly good cd in the drive.