PX-712SA Read Issue



Hello All…

I’ve been having problems backing up dvd data, and after extensive testing using the newest version of PlexTools v2.21, I’ve found that the drive is burning just fine, write transfer speeds were an average of 10.4x. The problem is when reading DVD’s. I have problems with read errors right from the get go, either that or I can only get a maximum read speed of 1.95x. The DVD Read Speed setting selects 2 X CLV as it’s setting. I try setting it to a higher CAV setting but to no avail, it sets it back to 2 X CLV after flipping tabs. Also, while running the read test, regardless wether or not I select a higher CAV read speed, I can only get a maximum of 1.95x and about halfway through the test it Errors out with a read error. Do I have a bad drive? Why will it only use 2 X CLV ? Why so many read errors with DVD’s? Please Help ?! :confused:


Ok I read a thread about upgrading to the plextools v3.00 XL trial. This version did change the read speed to 5-16 X CAV. It looked as if the test was running well, then, like always, the speed dropped very low, around 1-2x and then a dreaded read error. Is this drive dead on arrival ?


I spoke too soon again. After trying a dvd movie, the read speed won’t budge off of 2 x CLV. Any ideas ?


Have you enabled SpeedRead DVD via PlexTools? By default the drive is limited to 2X reading for DVD-Video discs to prevent noise and vibrations. But, that said, it shouldn’t produce a read error on discs that are of good quality. Have you tried to do a PI/PO tests on these discs to identify possible problem areas on the disc? Perform a SUM8 but also a SUM1 test to be sure and post your results here so we may have a look.


I will enable SpeedRead when I get home form work today. Also, exactly what is a PI/PO test, and where can I perform Sum8 and Sum1 tests. When I get home and find those tests I will run them and post the results.


PI/PO tests are part of PlexTool’s Q-Check functions. They allow you to measure the quality of your DVD discs. SUM1 and SUM8 scans are part of the PI/PO test and measure the amount of errors on the disc. As a rule of thumb, in SUM1 the errors should not exeed 4, in SUM8 the errors should not exeed 280. For more information check out the Plextor FAQ > What is PI/PO DVD scanning, and how do I use Plextools to do it?.


Quick question for you. I was wondering if some/all of my problems could be from my SATA setup. I just built a new machine a couple of months ago and it was my first attempt at the SATA interface. How should the BIOS be setup in a situation where I have one SATA harddrive and a SATA optical drive. Should they both be on the same channel? I’ve been burning cd’s IDE style since way back. But am a newb when it comes to DVD burning and the SATA interface. Any and all setup ideas you have would also be appreciated… thank you. (Should I run in IDE mode or AHCPI(i think thats it)) ??


If you do think it’s a setup problem, or if it’s a compatibility problem, should I look into getting a SATA to IDE converter ?


By the way I have the Abit Fatal1ty AA8XE Motherboard. Their website shows the PX-712A as being compatible. (Although it did not mention the PX-712SA)


S-ATA devices are always on their own channel if I’m right. I’m not that experienced with S-ATA myself. My motherboad has S-ATA support but all my devices (well, only one HDD and one Plextor drive) are IDE devices. Maybe this post in the Plextor FAQ can help you some more: I have a Plextor S-ATA DVD recorder, does it work with every motherboard? Good luck!