PX-712SA geting this on tuseday what it like?

i am geting the above drive on tuseday just wonder what its like ??

Sata drive what will it do thats ide will not ??

thanks for the help

as ever sc00terx

also i got rid of a sony for this have i done the rong thing ???

Not the same drive but you might look at this> http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=92820

I have the PX-712sa, it is the same as the 712, but with a sata interface is all. I must say tho, that I have great burns with the drive, and testing shows Very low PI scores on it. Nice drive.

PX-716A/T3 is the drive i was geting but i would of hade to wait a week so they told me about this one the sata drive hmm ok went for that is it DL ??

should i of waited a week ?? :frowning: not looking good doh and i hope it works with my mobo the MSI neo plat

as ever sc00terx

Its a great drive much better atm than the 716. Though make sure you can take it back because not all SATA controllers support SATA dvd writers.

@Jamos i would like to get a Pioneer 108 a NEC ND3500A and a the new Benq 16 but will only be abel to get one of them for now what do you think is good i love pioneer but i mite try a Benq as i have a nec one what do you think

and btw i think they will take the drive back :slight_smile: if it dont work

as ever sc00terx

hands down the benq 1620 is the best drive out there

got the PX-712SA today so far so good looks a good drive i have to say i do like this one :slight_smile:

going for a Benq next and see how that is and now all i need is a cheap place to get a maxtor sata hd 120 gig from :slight_smile:

thanks for the info Jamos

as ever Sc00terx

i have a problem with my plextor 712A . i get a circle burn about 50% into the burn do know of a fix

Welcome to the forums lsalisbury. Please give us (a lot) more information. It’s impossible to say what the problem is. Usually circles on a disc are an indication of a media problem. Circles can also be the result of speed changes and don’t always have to be a problem. Is the disc readable after it was burned, what do the PI/PO results look like? What’s the media ID of your disc? Which Plextor drive are you using? Write speed? System specs?