PX-712SA cannot read any CDs and nealy all DVDs

Hello everyone, i am in trouble with my new PX-712SA drive.
It cannot read any CDs and nearly all DVDs.
I’ve tried with a large of DVDs and with a few of them PX-712SA operates well.
In my system (Windows SP2), the drive appears as two. One is CD drive and the other is DVD-RW drive.

When i put a DVDs into 712-SA and explore , the following error occurs:

Could anyone help me in this case?
Thanks you very much!

Your PX-712SA is new? Where did you [B]get[/B] it? :eek:
It could be a problem with SATA but you said that some discs work well and others don’t. What’s it like? Does it burn DVDs?

[I]Please don’t try the following at home[/I] unless you are sure that the drive works well with SATA, is not DOA and you have experience with such thing!

The Plextor PX-712SA is just a Plextor PX-712A with a converter.
If you open the back of the drive (secured with a pair of separate screws), you could remove the converter and use it as a normal PX-712A).
[U]This voids warranty.[/U]

hello kg_evilboy, thanks you for reply. At present, my 712SA still burns DVD ( i uses NERO ver6.0) but not CDs (also can not any CD). And as i described above, it can read a few of DVDs but not all. Moreover, sometimes i met an exception that a DVD discs currently is not read but after restarting Windows, it can be. I suppose that it might be not compatible with Windows. Is that right?

Your 712SA sounds like my 716SA that I’m about to RMA to Plextor as soon as they send me an RMA number. Actually, it stopped reading and burning [B]anything[/B].