PX-712A wont read certain dvd-disc

I have this weird problem with new Plextor PX-712A. It have TLA#0101 and firmware version 1.02. I have a original DVD-disc with no scratches that it just wont read. I put it in the drive an it spins for a long time but doesnt come up. All other original plates and burned disc where no problem. What so special with this disc ?
What can cause this weird fail ? broken drive ? :confused:
It came up just fine on my NEC-1300A drive. And that drive is very bad on reading. Problem with my Plextor is that it doesnt show up AT ALL.

This is my computer: MSI KT4-ULTRA, 1024MB ram, windows XP sp1, amd xp 2800+. Its not overclocked.

Please help me! :bow:


Welcome to the forum, Zachzi.

What disc are you trying to read (title, type)? When you read the disc in your NEC can you see anything special on the disc, like weird files?

If the disc is poorly manufactured, the drive may not read it, while another vendor drive may. Just cause it has no scratches doesnโ€™t mean it meets other specs for eccentricity, flatness, reflectivity. If other discs work, including pressed, DVD+/-R/RW, then the disc is probably out of spec.

Did you specify the region code for your PX-712 in the system hardware manager? Perhaps it is because of it.


Thanks for answers guys! I wrote the post just before i went to visit some family this weekend. Thats why the late reply. I think the disc didnt follow the standards. After testing a little more i found out that my NEC couldnt play it right either. It gave me read error when i started the movie. The disc wasnt unormal in any way. No weird files, nothing.

I have specified the region code in the hardware manager.
Im not gonna investigate this anymore since i think the disc is the problem.

  • Zachzi :slight_smile: