PX-712A v1.06.....when?



Does anybody know if/when Plextor will release another firmware, hopefully improving the write quality of the PX-712A? Or, are they so busy dealing with 716 issues that this writer’s firmware development is on hold?

I’m not sure if my 712 (f/w v1.05) is defective, as it can write spectacular discs – sometimes. Usually not above 4x, though.

Just hoping for that magic bullet which will finally make the 712 the drive it should be…


Some of us may never get that magic bullet, whereas others have been getting good burns since fw 1.00.


i have firmware 1.04 (tla0104), should i go with 1.05 or stay with 1.04? I don’t seem to have any problems but i only tested 2 medias.



I think there’s a bit of variability in write performance from drive to drive. My PX-712A has been a great burner since FW 1.00. Others have problems that no firmware has been able to completely fix. If your PX-712A is writing poorly to quality media, I don’t think it’s a firmware issue–FW 1.05’s pretty mature.

If it ain’t broke, upgrade anyway!


I agree with tropic. Both the drive and firmware are very mature. You need to check with more than 2 media brands. If you’re getting poor scans, try with some of the better brands such as Ricoh, TY, Verbatim for a benchmark, then compare other brands to see what works for you.


Try the “Self Diagnostics” test on your Plextor PX-712A. I was burning reading at under 2X…( 1.96) and did the self test… one green blink indicated a read/write error, so then I returned the PX-712a and exchanged it for another one and it solved the problem. Good Luck !


My 712A is good after flashing with fw 1.05.