PX-712A Retail DVD wont load. But works in another PX-712A



FIRST OFF… great forum… very informative :bow:

I have done a search, and cant find anything specific to my issue, as this DVD is retail, and not a backup.

I have a PX-712A (TLA # 0101) having problems trying to load a retail copy of Resident Evil Apocalypse. It tries to load, but eventually times out, and I get the flashing amber LED. My bro has the same unit PX-712A, and it works fine on his. Our PC’s are pretty much identical.

P4 1.8GHz Northwood CPU
Asus P4S533
1G Ram

I tried several other DVD’s and they load fine… although the load time takes about 10 seconds longer in mine then my bro’s unit.

Ayn idea what the issue might be… Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



What do you mean by “load”?


I read somewhere that the resident evil: apocalyse movie is protected with Sony Arcos copy protection. If that is the case, then maybe the dvd playing software you are using can’t handle the protection. Some software is poorly coded and may not process copy protection as well as other software.

What DVD playing software does you’re brother use?


All software is the same on both PC’s… Keep in mind… this is just a retail DVD that I cant even play. I get the amber LED indicating the disc is loading, and then after about 40 seconds it times out, and never loads… Below is the status from the Plextor website… It appears to be a hardware problem with the drive.

LED Color Amber
# of Blinks 2
Error Information Auto adjustment failed
Additional Information Cannot read a stamped disc or initialize a CD-R/RW disc because the drive cannot properly configure the focus and track adjustment settings