PX-712A problems with Instant Copy

I recently purchased a Plextor PX-712A and I’ve been having problems getting it to burn with Pinicle Instant Copy. My previous two Pioneer DVD drives

I recently purchased a Plextor PX-712A and have been unable to get it to burn with Pinicle Instant Copy version 803.032 using Ritek 8X DVD-R media. I’m trying to burn movies that I have backed up with DVDDecrptor. My first attempts resulted in “Access Violation” and fault bucket errors. I changed my RAM on my otherwise stable PC and then I got “Buffer Underrun” errors. Reducing the write speed did not help.

I have a NVidia NForce chipset and I read in the FAQ that the NForce IDE drivers can be a problem. However, I was using the Microsoft version of the NForce IDE drivers. I upgraded to the newest NVidea drivers, version 5.10. and now I get an error at 63% of the total progress that says: “Hardware Error -Complilation size exceeds maximum disc capacity. Please reduce the size of the data to be written.” I can see that the DVD disk is clearly not full. In any case, Intant Copy is supposed to shrink the data so it will fit. Just for the heck of it, I used ShrinkDVD and reduced the size of the movie and tried again tried to burn with Instant Copy and now I am once again getting a Buffer Underun error.

I have a Pioneer 4X burner and also a Pioneer 8X DVD burner and both of these drives do not have any problems burning these same movies with Instant Copy on this same PC uisng the same Ritek 8X media. I had upgraded the firmware of my PX-712A from 1.04 to 1.05 when I first got it. I’m running Windows XP SP2. The PX-712A drive works fine burning CDs and I’ve used it sucessfully with Ghost to burn DVDs. I have not yet tried other software such as PlexTools or Nero and I do not have these installed. I purchased Pinicle Instant Copy and I prefer to use it instead, to both shrink and burn the DVD.

Unfortunately I do not have any other media to try right now other than the Ritek 8X DVD-R. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas?

Welcome to the forums Steverion,

Are you sure that you are using the Microsoft IDE drivers? There is no Microsoft version of the nVidia drivers, it’s either the nVidia drivers or the Microsoft default drivers (that come with Windows XP). These nVidia driver are often the cause of problems.

You say your burn fails due to a buffer underrun problem. This is strange since your Plextor supports BURN-Proof and should continue the burn process even if its buffer is drained. You should download and install PlexTools to check if your drive has BURN-Proof enabled. Read the FAQ on how to install PlexTools if you haven’t got the original disc. Another thing we need you to take a look at is the drive’s DMA setting. If it’s running in PIO mode 4 then buffer underruns cannot be avoided. Your drive should be running in UDMA mode 2. For more info on how to check the DMA settings for your drive under XP check out this thread

Good luck and report back with your findings!

Thanks for the welcome and for the suggestions. I have a Windows installation on another hard drive. I booted up that drive and I have verified that “this drive” (which is a previous “Ghost” of my other drive) is using MS IDE drivers. I have also verified that UDMA2 is the mode for the Plextor drive.

I installed PlexTools version 2.14 and the Drive Information screen has “Buffer Underrun Proof” checked. The Advanced tab of the Drive settings also shows a check in the box by “Enable Buffer Underrun Proof”. Oddly enough, my other hard drive(with the Nvidia IDE drivers) did not have a check mark in this “Enable Buffer Underrun Proof” setting, but it did have a check by “Buffer Underrun Proof” in the Drive Information screen.

In any case, I tried once again to burn a DVD with Instant copy using the hard drive that has the Microsoft IDE drivers and I get this error message again: “Hardware Error -Complilation size exceeds maximum disc capacity. Please reduce the size of the data to be written.” BTW- I have the Plextor connected as Master on the Secondary IDE port.

I hate to abandon using Instant Copy and I find it strange that my Pioneer DVD burners have worked so well in the same PC regardless of the IDE drivers. In fact, I’m burned at least 100 DVDs with the Pioneer burners and I never made a single coaster. I’ve had my Plextor for a week and I’ve made about 25 coasters and not a single good movie backup DVD.

I ran the CD/DVD test in Plextools and write and read test complete fine. I ran the hardware diagnostic test as described in the FAQ and the drive passed. Is there anything else I can check?

Steve Smith