Px-712a problem con't made multisession

have got my 712a through ebay 1 years ago und early every thing is fine

after done something (such like upg. operating system to sp2 and Firmware to 1.7 not sure if its made burner crazy :stuck_out_tongue: )

now I Can’t create any DVDs with multisession (CD function seem fine)
it’s mean every DVD I’v maded was automatic finished

though I’v choosed make multisession DVD at begin
in Nero-Option could just pick “Disc at once” and “finish CD”

in Alcohol case its support DVD/DOA only (early with many other modes)

I tryed some other Soft like “B’s Recorder” , “InstantCD/DVD”
but it did all the same
also tryed reinstall Windows and all Drivers

any help is welcome :flower:

Hi, asker1982, welcome to the Plextor forum.

In Nero, you should be able to create a multisession disc for DVD-ISO, DVD-UDF, and DVD-ISO/UDF.

I remember reading two things that might be related. But I cannot find any references anywhere.

  1. How much space do the files take up when you first create the multisession disc? The reason I ask is because I remember reading (somewhere) that if the files are over 4.00GB, that will close the disc.
  2. Is this video (DVD-ROM) or data? The reason I ask is that I recall seeing a “full DVD compatibility mode” that requires that at least 1GB of data is written to the disc.

Sorry I cannot be more helpful. If you don’t get any good answers here, there is also a Nero forum at CDFreaks and maybe they know more about it. Good luck!

Nero forum is here: